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90 Day: The Single Life concluded its first season and has aired Part 1 of the Tell All.

While 90 Day Fiance fans had already heard about Big Ed Brown and Liz’s breakup, there was much more to be said.

Brittany Banks ghosted, Big Ed cried, Mohamed got mad, and Debbie Johnson dropped furious F-bombs on the Tell All.

Buckle up, because all of this was so, so much.

Big Ed Brown Under Siege

Before the Tell All even began in earnest, Big Ed was already dialing the creep factor up to 11.

Despite claiming to be heartbroken over his breakup with Liz, he gushed over Fernanda Flores when she walked in.

The 23-year-old model is half his age and out of his league, making her exactly his type.

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Fernanda actually didn’t have anything especially jaw-dropping to share at the Tell All.

Like Colt and Vanessa and Molly and Kelly, if Fernanda has any huge bombshells to drop, they’ll be in Part 2.

But Part 1 had plenty of drama.

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To start with, Brittany Banks was … gone.

She did show up to New York to film the Tell All, even checking in to her hotel room the night before.

Then, at about 2AM, she just … left, and did not return.

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Production brought in Terence to see if he knew where she was.

He did not, and when he was unable to reach her, speculated that she may have blocked his number.

Even so, he had some things to say.

Brittany Banks Flaunts Post-Op Body

Terence noted that he and Brittany were no longer together.

This wasn’t a huge deal, since they were never "official" to begin with.

He also revealed that Brittany had undergone breast enlargement surgery, which was semi-accurate.

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Speaking of Brittany, she had previously claimed that she and Yazan Abo Horira never actually had sex.

However, she alleged that he had performed oral sex upon her.

Yazan dialed in to the Tell All to insist that this never happened.

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No one on the cast seemed to believe him.

Notably, given Yazan’s extremely conservative family, it’s possible that they’re both lying to shield him from reprisals.

Also, just for the record, if you go down on somebody, that’s still sex. Oral sex is sex.

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Yazan insisted that he wouldn’t do anything like that until fater marriage (lol sure).

Meanwhile, he says that he plans to marry his current fiancee, Leena, this summer.

However, the two have not yet met in person.

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Pivoting to Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali, Danielle was asked if she got closure or if Mohamed is still part of her life.

She said that she felt that she did receive closure … but Mohamed is still part of her life, as a "friend."

Given how her current relationship is going, she needs all of the friends that she can get.

Danielle Mullins for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life
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Danielle’s once-budding romance with Robert has turned into a litany of excuses, as they have not had a date since they were last on camera.

"First it was his car got stolen, then it was the holidays and then I started school," Danielle described.

"Now he’s having medical issues," she continued. "I’ve tried to keep the faith that he’s telling the truth, but I just don’t know.”

Danielle Mullins in Tears
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As for her ex-husband, Mohamed ended up going on a rant about the show and the franchise.

“I’m frustrated with the whole thing,” he complained. “I’ve been here all day long."

Mohamed griped: "Miscommunication, so many problems, audio things."

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"I mean, they need to learn how to respect people," Mohamed accused.

He noted: "You are filming us. We are human beings. We have to be respected.”

When other cast members accused him of using Danielle, he didn’t take kindly to it.

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Then, Shaun Robinson asked him if he was dating anyone.

“That’s my personal life. I’m not going to share my personal life with you anymore," Mohamed retorted.

"There is better things that you can talk about. This is going to be the last time I’m gonna appear on this TV show. That’s it," he declared.

Big Ed Brown and Liz Marie

Big Ed and Liz confirmed that they had split, and it was not exactly amicable.

Ed, as is his way, cried and tried to make himself out to be a lovestruck fool like he always does.

Fool though he may be, his castmates weren’t buying his sob story this time around.

Big Ed Brown is Nervous to Date Again
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Liz described how Ed had moved too quickly for her, and that she feared that he would dump her if she didn’t keep pace with him.

“He would tell me all the time that it wouldn’t work out between us, and it scared me that I would lose him, so I caved,” she admitted.

Liz lamented: “I didn’t want to lose him, and I still lost him.”

Big Ed Brown Speaks to the The Single Life Confessional Camera
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“Our time has gone ‘cause he sent me a lovely message at one point saying that he’s gonna take girls out constantly until he finds The One," Liz said.

"And that’s when I told myself it’s time to move on," she shared.

This was "after three weeks of begging — not begging — hoping we would get back together,”

Ed Brown for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

As for how their breakup happened, she shared that Ed would respond to arguments by insisting that she leave his house.

After one fight, she left — and did not return.

Others, including Fernanda, called out Ed for that power play. You don’t invite someone to move in and then threaten to kick them out.

Liz on a First Date

While Ed has been posing with other young women for photos, Liz has not been with anyone since the split.

The Tell All included a powerful moment where Ed was put on blast by basically everyone.

Viewers were particularly satisfied when Colt Johnson and Debbie Johnson both gave Ed hell for being a creepy weirdo.