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On last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Biniyam Shibre confessed to lying to Ariela Weinberg.

It wasn’t about one thing. It was about many things. And it had all blown up in his face.

Ari and Bini both want to make their relationship work long term, but they can’t do that in Kenya or in Ethiopia.

Ariela presents Biniyam with an option: is he willing to move to America to patch things up?

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Ariela Weinberg begins this sneak peek clip by telling Biniyam Shibre that things are still rocky.

She is willing to move past his bad behavior (as she has so many times before).

But she does not want this situation to repeat itself.

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She came to Kenya to spend time with her family on neutral ground in a beautiful place.

Here, they are free of toxic influences like some of Biniyam’s less trustworthy friends.

However, she knows that they cannot stay in Kenya on vacation forever.

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They also cannot return to Ethiopia.

While Ariela doesn’t delve into the ongoing civil war that has ravaged Bini’s homeland, that’s a real issue.

What she acknowledges on camera is that the toxic influences from Biniyam’s friend group will guarantee that they break up.

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Ariela weighs her options.

With Ethiopia a non-starter and Kenya not a sustainable, long-term solution, there’s another obvious answer: the United States.

Ariela has already started the K-1 visa application with Biniyam, but applying and making the move are not the same thing.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3

She worries, however, that telling Biniyam that she wants their family to permanently move to the United States will leave him upset.

He is very attached to his home and his family (which is normal).

The only odd thing is that, well, it’s weird to impregnate two different people from a country where you have no apparent interest in living.

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Speaking of the K-1 process, Ariela says that it has been over a year since she began the process.

At first, she wasn’t sure that she would go through with it … but now, Biniyam’s behavior has changed everything.

Basically? Biniyam made a fool of her in front of all of his friends, and she can’t face or trust them.

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Ariela presents the idea to Biniyam in this clip.

He actually responds fairly calmly, perhaps realizing how close he has come to losing her as he did his ex-wife.

Bini tells the camera that he agreed to the K-1 visa in the first place because he wants their family to stay together no matter what.

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However, he stresses that he does not want to permanently live in the United States.

On the one hand, that is fair — plenty of people want to go back and forth between their old home and current one, which is his goal.

On the other, as we noted, having a kid with two separate Americans is an odd choice for someone who wants to remain in Ethiopia.

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Ariela is excited at the idea of Biniyam coming to truly understand her and where she comes from.

After all, she has spent a long time living in Ethiopia and knowing his family and learning that lifestyle.

She doesn’t mention this, but the number of his religious festivals alone that she has attended with no reciprocation speaks to an imbalance.

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When Bini gives his assent, Ariela is visibly relieved.

It is a really tender moment for the two of them as a couple.

It is also a promising sign that Biniyam is now willing to make an effort to be a good partner — something that the relationship has lacked.