Angelina Pivarnick Rocks Bikini, Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Angelina Pivarnick is having a moment.

After several years as a Jersey Shore footnote, a blip on the radar remembered only by the show's hardcore fasns, Angelina is now at the center of the franchise.

She's finally a full-time cast member, and she brings the drama more consistently than anyone else in the guido gang.

Angelina Pivarnick on New Season

But of course, fame is a harsh mistress, and Angelina is being forced to take the bad along with the good.

The increased scrutiny of her every move has been accompanied by an intense focus on her face and physique, both of which have inspired some nasty plastic surgery rumors.

You see, Shore fans aren't just claiming that Angelina has had some work done.

Angelina Pivarnick or Kim Kardashian

No, they've taken things a step further by suggesting that she's addicted to plastic surgery, or that she's constantly tinkering with her appearance in an effort to out-shine Snooki or JWoww.

With those claims in mind, Angelina put on a gold bikini this week and addressed the rumors on Instagram.

Yes, it's a bold strategy, but it was surprisingly effective, especially since Angelina decided to be completely upfront by admitting that she has had some work done -- just not as much as randos on the internet claim.

Angelina Pivarnick In a Bikini

“Happy Saturday, y’all,” Angelina captioned the video.

“Yes, I used a Snapchat filter for this, and no, I didn’t Photoshop or Facetune my body LOL. Thanks for asking.”

From there, Pivarnnick really set the record straight, answering long-lingering questions about what sort of work she has and had not had done.

Angelina Pivarnick's Post-Surgery Bikini Selfie

“I also never ever got a nose job, [people]. Same nose since I was born. So, nice try on that. I just contour it now with makeup!!!" she wrote.

"MY ONLY SURGERY HAS BEEN MY BOOBS!!! Ask my plastic surgeon. He knows. I’ve gotten injections and that’s it!”

So there you have it.

Angelina Pivarnick Hot

Angelina has breast implants, but she hasn't gone under the knife for any other sort of cosmetic procedure.

(Obviously, Pivarnick received butt injections on camera, but that's a different story.)

So yeah, Angelina looks more like Kim Kardashian every day, but that's simply the result of a non-surgical glow-up.

Angelina Instagram

“You have the power to make people feel good,” Angelina concluded.

“Let’s all use that power today and say one nice thing to a stranger. I promise you will make them smile. Life is super short, and we should all learn to love each other a little bit more.”

Fans were definitely feeling Angelina's honesty and positivity, and many of them gave her props in the comments.

Angelina Pivarnick's Butt Implants

"Your comeback was powerful," one follower wrote.

"You don’t need to explain yourself. You look great," another added.

"Vinny is punching the air rn," a third chimed in.

Angelina Pivarnick Is Serious

Even Angelina's former rivals offered words of support:

"Ok golden goddess," JWoww wrote, along with some flame emojis (in case anyone was in doubt that the hatchet had been well and truly buried).

So there you have it -- it seems Angelina is willing to be totally upfront about all of the recent changes in her appearance.

We guess that's one thing she doesn't have in common with Kim K!

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