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Fans still cannot get over Angela Deem’s latest stunning selfies, even though Michael was against her makeover.

It looks like things are still going well, though, if this video of Michael’s "sexy" dance for her is any indication.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Side By Side
Photo via Instagram

Angela wants all of her fans to see the way that Michael dances for her.

"My sexy nigerian baby," she captions the video.

Her caption is followed by a series of loving emojis — blowing kisses, peppered with hearts, and heart eyes.

In the video, Michael dances very goofily for a short period of time.

The music playing is "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac — though the music may be Angela’s choice rather than Michael’s.

See, there is an older TikTok meme of playing bits of this particular song over, well, just about anything, from dancing to a peaceful scene from a video game.

Photo via Instagram

Angela has mentioned in the past how much it amuses her when Michael dances for her.

She has described him dancing, and even him wearing a towel — and perhaps dropping it — to please her.

Long distance relationships can be challenging. Long distance marriages can be even more so.

Angela Deem Wants Michael Ilesanmi to Tell the Truth
Photo via TLC

Michael and Angela did marry early this year.

Unfortunately, their nuptials took place a short time before Angela’s mother took a turn for the worse.

Angela raced home to Georgia to tend to her mother, who unfortunately passed away just days later.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Wedding Photo
Photo via Instagram

Michael was never approved for a K-1 visa and does not yet have a marriage visa.

Timing can be everything.

And sadly for them, Michael and Angela had just about the worst timing imaginable.

First of all, Nigeria was added to Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from predominantly Muslim nations.

This happened basically at the exact same time as Michael and Angela married.

To some extent, whether Angela and Michael can be together may depend upon the same Presidential election that determines if civilization collapses.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi First Meeting
Photo via Instagram

The second piece of bad timing was, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within weeks of Angela becoming a married woman, the novel coronavirus began to ravage Europe and the United States.

This also gave the white nationalist policy-makers currently impeding immigration additional powers to halt all immigration and visa processes.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Listen Nervously to the Doctor

As we said, the 2020 election could decide the fates of all of us. Curious that it may also be a deciding factor in their marriage.

Though Angela is sadly not the only 90 Day Fiance star to have voiced support for Donald Trump, she is perhaps the most famous for it.

Some consider their current state of limbo to be poetic justice.

Michael Ilesanmi Haunted by Angela Deem
Photo via TLC

That said, some fans are hopeful that Angela and Michael will never be able to be together in America.

Why? Because in Nigeria, Michael has an extended family and a support system.

Those who have seen Angela’s behavior on the show are fearful that his life with her could be a nightmare.

Angela Deem - get your ass out

The way that Angela speaks (and screams) at Michael cannot be justified.

No human being deserves to be treated with the verbal and emotional abuse that Angela hurls at Michael.

And that, we must remember, is simply how she behaves on camera. How much worse, fans wonder, is she off camera?

Photo via Instagram

Flying into rages over nothing is an effective tool for terrorizing someone into never making you unhappy and always trying to please you.

The result is that Michael walks on eggshells around Angela, who has screamed and cursed at him for even looking in the general direction of other women.

At the very least, Angela needs to go to therapy and begin to act like a person so that she can treat Michael with the dignity that he deserves.