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At Part 3 of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Tell All, Angela Deem revealed her weight loss plans.

She was getting surgery over Michael’s objections. And now, she has just debuted a dramatic new look:

Angela Deem is Silently Furious

For most of Angela Deem’s critics, her looks have never been an issue.

Fans have taken her to task over her behavior for years, but nobody controls who they look and no one should really care.

Sure, people have had a giggle over her using her bra to store dozens of items, but to be fair, Angela would probably laugh right along with them.

Angela Deem Laughs Out Loud

But fans have noticed that Angela looks considerably older than she actually is — some of which may be due to smoking.

Additionally, she has displayed some (frankly alarming) insecurities over how desirable her much-younger husband, Michael, finds her.

Now, the 55-year-old is flaunting her new looks — and fans are absolutely floored.

Photo via Instagram

This week, Angela has been posting new and strikingly different pics to Instagram.

Most of the focus is on her face, where fans are detecting fewer wrinkles and — we apologize for being crude — but only one chin.

Angela is also showing off a different makeup style than usual, which is making her look more stylish and approachable.

Angela Deem Smiles With Her Hair Up

Fans may recall that, at the Tell All, Angela wore a very conspicuous face mask like a veil … allegedly because she was awaiting dental work.

Her teeth are looking great here in these photos. And while we mentioned that most eyes are on her face and chin … check out her hair.

In these pics, Angela’s hair looks just a little lighter and better maintained than it has in the past. It’s a subtle change, but a good one.

Photo via Instagram

Debbie Johnson commented on this photo of mother and daughter, writing: "You girls are looking absolutely gorgeous."

Recurring 90 Day Fiance villain Tom Brooks opined that Angela and Skyla are "both looking great."

Angela has clearly flaunted her new look to Michael. Not only do they share the Instagram account (that’s always creepy but whatever), but they’ve also video chatted.

“Angela you definitely had work done!" a fan comments. "BUT YOU LOOK MARVELOUS."

Another asks: “Did you have your weight loss surgery? You are looking a lot thinner.”

The general consensus among replies seems to be that what’s been seen so far could simply be the result of fillers, injectables, a hairstylist, and a dentist.

Angela and Michael are also using theri Instagram account for a good cause, sharing an urgent message against the brutal violence that Nigerian law enforcement is enacting against innocent civilians.

"I pray for our dear country Nigeria for good governance," Michael writes. "I have been a Victim of police brutality and extortion."

"It’s the reason I dont keep my wife Angie pics on my phone," he admits. "We just want good governent that’s all,enough with the oppression. A lot of youths lost their lives to them."

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi kiss as wife and husband

The Nigerian government’s response to protests against SARS’ reign of terror (the carnage has been so intense that they have polluted waterways with corpses) was to rebrand them as SWAT.

Changing the name from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad to Special Weapons And Tactics has not enacted meaningful change, and these armed goons continue to fire into crowds of protesters.

It was a very good thing of Angela to share these selfies, which she knew would garner attention, to guarantee that more people see Michael’s post about the atrocities taking place in Nigeria.