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On the final portion of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 Tell All, Angela Deem lost her cool.

Okay, she didn’t have any cool to begin with. But she also stormed off of the stage twice.

Only Angela could find a way to one-up flashing the camera.

She taunted Michael with her plans to flirt, and told him that their marriage was never legit anyway.

Angela Deem storms off the Tell All set of course

In the immediate aftermath of Angela turning the Tell All into a Show All special, she stormed off in a rage.

She is an ill-tempered and poorly behaved person at the best of times, and this was not her at her best.

The cast awkwardly cracked jokes while Angela fumed and raged in the elevator.

Kalani Faagata - well Brandon how was your first time at the strip club?

In the elevator with her daughter, Skyla, Angela ranted about Psychic Tracy warning her about a mystery woman in Michael’s ear.

She was convinced that this mystery woman influencing her husband to "betray her" (assert himself in any way) was his Aunt Lydia.

Skyla could only nod and agree, and we can understand why she wouldn’t counter her furious mother at this time.

Angela Deem - what did psychic Tracy say?

Angela did the one thing that ever seems to calm her — get her nicotine fix while forcing it on those around her.

Eventually, she did return to the Tell All stage.

There, she expressed some regrets for how she had spoken to (and flashed) everyone … but only some.

Angela Deem smokes outside of the Tell All with Skyla nearby

"You know, I feel bad. I apologize to Lydia for doing that," Angela claimed.

"But you go too far, man. So, I apologize for being vulgar, for how I acted, but not what I said," she emphasized.

"I meant that. Stay out of my business," Angela demanded. 

Yara Zaya - I understand she's in pain but she's just too much

"No woman — including aunts, uncles, moms — is gonna tell my husband what to do," Angela said. "That simple."

As for Michael’s alleged desire to have a child, the grandmother declared that she is "over it."

"He wants a baby? Go get, like — do what your Aunt Lydia says," Angela instructed. 

Aunt Lydia tunes in to the HEA Season 6 Tell All

"Go marry somebody and have some children," Angela explained furiously. "Knock your f–king self out."

She added: "But don’t call me when you realize the grass ain’t green on the other side."

"Michael, I am very upset with you, more than Aunt Lydia," Angela blasted.

Michael Ilesanmi - I wasn't partying, okay?

"You should have told Aunt Lydia to respect me and you hushed me. You never do that with Aunt Lydia," Angela accused.

"Did he tell you that he snuck off when I was recovering? God knows where the hell he went," she told Aunt Lydia.

"He wasn’t in church," Angela added, "because there was booty-popping music on….. You tell her that?"

Angela Deem flips off Michael Ilesanmi at the Tell All Part 2

For the record, going to a club to dance is not considered "sneaking off" in most marriages, especially when you answer the phone when your wife calls.

But Michael denied this, which made Angela even more furious — or gave her the excuse that she wanted.

For the second time in minutes, Angela stormed off of the stage and left.

Shaun Robinson notes it's the first time that the same person stormed off twice

"Listen, I don’t want a divorce. I’ll just do what I wanna do," Angela announced.

"I married in Nigeria, it ain’t legit here," she taunted her husband.

"F–k you, have a good life. You go to hell, you son of a b–ch," Angela declared. "All right, we’re done."

Andrei Castravet - every day he's getting cursed off

Backstage, seemingly at a different time (because she was wearing different clothing), Angela answered a call from him.

"I want you to look at this face when I tell you this," she said menacingly to her husband.

"You can start your life over there, because this is as far as I’m going," Angela spat. "I’m not doing this no more."

Angela Deem - this son of a bitch got nerve

"I loved you. But you have took all … you have done this. Look, look, now you calling me?" Angela demanded.

"Where were you at when I was calling your name all morning?" she asked.

"Where were you when I asked you to tell Aunt Lydia to stop?" Angela added.

Angela Deem tells Michael she will live her own life and flirt and get attention

"You chose the wrong one, the wrong time. And you lied to me. Michael, I’m done," Angela reiterated.

She then flashed him over video chat.

Angela’s apparent parting words to Michael were a taunt: "Now you see them? Now you don’t."