Andrei Castravet Gets Caked in the Face in 90 Day Fiance Brawl!

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On Season 6, Episode 12 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Becky did a marvelous job of causing problems on purpose.

In this sneak peek clip of Episode 13, it's Jenn's turn to take the lead in their war against Andrei Castravet.

The family is once again feuding over Andrei and Chuck's business arrangement.

When Andrei gets heated, Jenn fires back ... and her ammunition is cake.

HEA sneak peek 6x13 - Chuck defends his position

As this scene begins, Andrei Castravet is cutting a slice of birthday cake for his two-year-old daughter, Eleanor.

It looks like Andrei and Libby are back home after their family reunion adventures.

Chuck is there, Jenn and Becky are there, and it looks like other family members are there as well.

HEA sneak peek 6x13 - Andrei is fed up

Chuck, Elizabeth's dad (also Jenn's dad, Becky's dad, and Charlie's dad) has taken Andrei under his wing at the family business.

Chuck runs the business, and his adult children are part of that business.

After years of refusing to get a job, Andrei has now joined their ranks -- a little too quickly and easily, for their tastes.

HEA sneak peek 6x13 - Jenn explains her POV

Elizabeth's siblings are convinced that Andrei isn't just learning the ropes, but using this job to get things from Chuck.

Specifically, they think that he's manipulating their father to award him lucrative work ... taking money out of their pockets.

The threat that Andrei, if unemployed, could lose residency and return to Moldova, with Libby and Eleanor in tow, does dangle over Chuck like the Sword of Damocles.

HEA sneak peek 6x13 - Becky agrees with Jenn

Jenn and Becky are both getting increasingly worked up.

Whether they're right, about the manipulation or the money, is unclear.

They're there to cause drama for Libby's reality career, and they're excelling at it.

HEA sneak peek 6x13 - Andrei says you look at me now

Chuck and Andrei have recently finalized a deal, something that Libby has told her sisters.

"He is coming into the family business and trying to push us out," Jenn accuses.

She adds: "Now, we're all fighting together, because of him? We told you this was going to happen."

HEA sneak peek 6x13 - Libby is unhappy

"There's definitely a rift in the family now," Jenn tells the camera.

"Unfortunately, my dad is so far up his ass, he can't even see it. He can't even hear it," she laments.

"I just see him taking money out of my pocket and when it's coming out of my pocket, I will go in," Jenn vows.

HEA sneak peek 6x13 - Andrei feuds with expletives

"And I'm not going to stop until I get what I want," Jenn announces to the camera.

There are some amazing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory references to be made here.

The situation escalates when Andrei starts firing back at his sisters-in-law, waving his finger in the air and swearing.

HEA sneak peek 6x13 - Jenn Cakes Andrei Part 01 of 02

Of course, that's just how Andrei talks, no matter the context or who is in the room.

(In fact, Russian-speaking viewers have expressed horror that his non-English expletives are aired unedited)

He and his sisters-in-law want each other to back off ... and that's when the cake gets thrown.

HEA sneak peek 6x13 - Jenn Cakes Andrei Part 02 of 02

After Andrei gets into Jenn's face, she yeets her cake slice at him, nailing him in the neck and shoulder.

Libby freaks out and demands that Jenn leave, which she does.

For the record, Becky's cake slice is preserved. That's good -- it looks delicious.

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