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One of the most talked-about couples on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days crossed a relationship milestone.

As viewers watched with varying levels of discomfort, Alina and Caleb got hot and heavy.

In the aftermath of the scene that some fans felt went too far, Alina dishes to Elijah about taking Caleb for a ride.

She’s more attached to Caleb than ever … but worried that a guilty secret will ruin things.

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On what we assume is the morning after her steamy makeout session with Caleb Greenwood, Alina Kasha goes out with Elijah.

(Just a reminder that nobody’s mad that Alina and Caleb hooked up, it was just weird that editors made the scene last more than two minutes)

Once situated, they order, thank their Turkish waiter, and this 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days sneak peek is all set for Alina to spill.

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Elijah asks Alina for details about how last night went.

After all, he was not part of the dinner beforehand, where Caleb and Alina met with Maria.

But he knows that things went down, and he’s right.

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Alina describes a "spicy" makeout session, equating it to Tabasco.

(Tabasco is a little controversial due to its vinegar content — some people swear by it, others hate it)

It’s interesting to hear two Russians use a Louisiana-based hot sauce for comparison.

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Was it just kissing?

That’s what the cameras and production crew saw before they finally left the room, but Elijah suspects that more went down.

He was right, Alina confirms.

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As Alina puts it, she "took a ride on his disco stick."

While that Lady Gaga reference is now about 13 years old, we all understand its meaning.

When Alina adds that she "literally" did this, it begins to sound like she was on top.

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Good for her!

That is more or less Elijah’s sentiment as he congratulates his bestie.

Alina deserves good things, he knows, and he’s happy that she’s gotten this far.

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As one can imagine, Alina is now feeling more attached to Caleb than ever before, and she admits as much.

She wants more commitment from Caleb, more serious conversation about where they’re headed as a couple.

She says that Caleb seems to want to postpone serious talks about where things stand.

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Elijah asks why she’s telling him this instead of Caleb.

He’s right.

But Alina has a very good reason for not yet feeling comfortable with the idea of pressuring Caleb.

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As Elijah well knows, there is something that Alina has not told Caleb.

This secret is weighing on her, and the longer that she waits to tell Caleb, the worse that she feels.

Until she comes clean, she would feel hypocritical or worse for pressuring him to open up.

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Caleb gives Alina a very knowing look.

It’s the kind of eyebrow raise that a friend gives to a friend when they know what the right thing to do is.

There is an unspoken understanding here. But Alina makes sure that viewers understand, too.

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"My ex and I, we were still together at the time that things were getting serious with Caleb and I," Alina tells the camera.

"We actually lived together and I hid this fact from Caleb," she confesses.

"I didn’t tell Caleb," Alina explains, "because I didn’t want him to back off so I ended up just not telling him at all."

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How long can Alina realistically keep this up?

Elijah asks her, to which she replies that it’s not that she’s intentionally keeping it a secret.

She is just not brave enough, she admits, to tell Caleb.

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Elijah suggests that he could always talk to Caleb for her.

This is the kind of offer that is also a threat, but not really intended as either.

Instead, it’s meant as encouragement for Alina — a reminder that she absolutely cannot avoid telling Caleb forever.

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Though she is afraid to follow through, Alina acknowledges that Caleb deserves to know.

It’s not ruinous or a dealbreaker, probably, but they can’t move forward and have an honest relationship with this lie hanging over them.

Plus, obviously, if neither Alina nor Elijah tell Caleb, he’ll see it many months later (now) when all of this airs.