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On Season 5, Episode 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Caleb and Alina got hot and heavy for the first time.

After thirteen years of friendship, they took things to the next level.

Viewers concerned about how Caleb was reacting to Alina’s disability suddenly found themselves with a whole new worry:

Why in the frick-frack were producers and cameras in the room with them for so long? 

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Infamously, Alina Kasha did not get the kisses and snuggles that she had hoped for when Caleb Greenwood first arrived.

He was tired from his long flight, felt gross, and promptly fell asleep.

The next evening, he was in a much more kissy mood — and that carried over into the next morning.

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The kissing went on after Alina joined Caleb, who is very active and fitness-oriented, in working out.

This was also the episode when the wild rumors that Alina had "catfished" Caleb by "hiding" her disability were quashed.

Alina and Caleb were more focused on their upcoming dinner with her friend, Maria.

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Maria brought up some valid fears — worried that Alina would be a vacation fling for Caleb, not a serious romance.

While there were tense moments at dinner, one thing at least was very clear when they returned to the hotel:

Alina and Caleb were barely getting started when it came to kissing.

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Caleb and Alina began making out in the hotel room.

The kissing was reasonably tame (if the audio was a little loud — as much editing as this show gets, that was a deliberate choice).

Once Caleb helped Alina get her shoes off, however, things were dialed up a notch or two.

The kisses grew in intensity, with Alina’s hands exploring under Caleb’s shirt.

Normally, we see moments like this and think of how extremely awkward it must be to do this on camera.

In this case, looking at the two of them, it at times seems like they kept forgetting about the production crew in the room.

Alina had of course seen her hunky boyfriend shirtless before.

But she had a special gleam in her eye as she leaned back and watched as Caleb removed his shirt.

Clearly, the unveiling of his torso was a sight to behold … and then they got right back to it.

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The kissing resumed, this time with Caleb’s tiddies out.

The audio was merciless — with their mics catching every smacking sound involved in kissing.

While it would make for very boring pornography, it was nonetheless unusually spicy for reality television.

We also have to emphasize how prolonged this scene was.

Starting very strictly from the moment that they began kissing in the room and ending at the end of the scene, we’re talking more than two minutes.

There were no interruptions or breaks. It was just kissing and kissing and kissing.

"Does it feel kinda weird to you?" Alina asked, self-consciously.

Caleb confessed to her that the only thing that felt weird to him was that they hadn’t done this before.

Thrilled by his answer, she asked him to get the lights, and the kissing resumed in the dark until the camera (mercifully) cut out.

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Nobody’s angry with Alina and Caleb for getting it on, but it was a lot to handle.

We’re accustomed to NSFW moments, from Angela Deem flashing the stage to other cast members sharing some excessive information about what has gone down.

But for the episode to drag out this scene for so long was, ironically, a real turn-off for some viewers.

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To be completely clear, this was not Caleb and Alina’s fault.

Normally, a scene like that might be edited down to under a minute, and possibly much less than that.

Production just did what they always do — filming what was happening. It was editing that decided to make this scene so lengthy.

Speaking of lengthy, the preview makes it clear that they did a lot more than kiss that night.

Alina can be heard telling her friend Elijah that she rode Caleb into the sunset, so to speak.

We’re very happy for them. We hope that prolonged, uncomfortable makeouts don’t become a huge thing on this show — no matter how hot the cast may be.