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As previously documented, the Internet has Shaken It Off many times, with endless users posting videos of themselves and their friends dancing around to Taylor Swift’s first single off "1989."

But now many of these same people have "Bad Blood." HEY!

Last month, a group of sad studs parodied the "Bad Blood" music video, though what Alessia Cara does with the track here is anything but a parody.

The 18-year old Canadian Def Jam signee performed a stripped-down acoustic version of the Swift single on BBC Radio 1, impressing one especially famous listener in particular: TAYLOR SWIFT!

The superstar linked to Cara’s performance on Twitter and told the up-and-coming singer that she’s "amazing."

"DID TAYLOR SWIFT JUST ……….. WAIT. NO. HOW. ALREADY. NO," Cara hilariously wrote in response to Taylor’s props.

Watch Alessia crush the "Bad Blood" cover above.