Alaskan Bush People Season 8 Trailer Teases Ami's Second Chance

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Sunday evening, on August 19, Alaskan Bush People fans will finally get to view the long-awaited Season 8.

We know that the family is now residing in a Washington homestead. We also know that Season 8 will focus on Ami Brown's cancer.

Now we finally have a teaser trailer for the new season -- and it's teasing a lot.

Billy Brown and Matt Brown in Season 8

Within the clip, Billy Brown announces: "It’s a miracle is what it is."

"We’ve gone through a lot of adversity," the family patriarch admits.

He describes how a gloom had set in over the family.

"It was like everything was closing in on us," Billy syas. "Darkness all around and it was over."

"Then," Billy says. "Washington came into view."

That's a little melodramatic, but it does set the stage.

Ami Brown in Season 8

The words might be poetic, but the feeling of impending doom was real. Ami Brown's ongoing cancer battle is serious business, and what forced the family to leave Alaska in the first place.

But now they've settled into their new expansive property, and Ami seems invigorated.

"It’s almost like being born again," Ami says. "And starting life a new."

Cancer is now a part of her life. She will need to be carefully screened every few months. Vigilance is the key to survival.

"The good Lord has given me a second chance," Ami says.

Billy Brown in Season 8

Billy Brown purchased the 435 acre homestead, and he cannot stop gushing about the new digs.

"We have an actual ranch: barns, orchard, horses, cattle," Billy says.

Billy then takes on a more somber tone and says; "It is a test."

"We can’t afford to fail on this," Billy announces.

He cannot emphasize enough the scope of uprooting the family multiple times before settling in Washington.

"This is definitely the biggest adventure we’ve ever done," Billy tells the audience.

Bear Brown Goes Wild

The teaser video is full of other content -- including a look at Bear Brown running and also falling in the wilderness.

He has a lot of energy. Too much, perhaps.

Fans already know that he was hospitalized a few months ago after sustaining an injury in the woods -- and perhaps viewers will get to see how that went down.

The teaser also shows Rain spending time with her mother, and Birdy firing a gun.

Additionally, we see the shoddy rural roads that appear to give the family a hard time. But hey, after driving in L.A. for months on end, they probably welcome the change.

Alaskan Bush People, Season 8 Sneak Peek

We're being teased with Ami's health and recovery, a family in transition, new woods, a new home, and a new adventure.

There is one thing that we're not sure if the new season will show at all.

There have been persistent reports and rumors that some of the folks in the little Washington hamlet in which the Brown family has settled are less than thrilled with the family's presence.

Apparently they don't like "Hollywood big-shots" in their town. Or the omnipresent cameras. And it may be that they don't particularly care for the Brown family themselves.

That's too bad, because Alaskan Bush People has a lot of fans.

August 19 can't get here soon enough!

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