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Adele is the queen of music.

But she may have accidentally found her princess during a recent show in Los Angeles.

Photo via Instagram

On Tuesday evening, Adele invited a fan up on stage to sing with her.

But that fan ended up being Jamie-Grace Harper, a Grammy-nominated musician who has released two albums and actually won several awards. 

Adele was unaware of this when she extended the invitation.

“Take it away, sing whatever you want,” Adele told her guest, which resulted in Harper belting out a few lines of Adele’s "Remedy."

She followed this up with a rendition “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.”


The look on Adele’s face in the following video is simply priceless.

And the same can be said of Harper’s subsequent note on Facebook.

"two nights ago i asked Adele if i could sing with her. she said yes. wait, what?! THANK YOU, Adele!!! Seriously," Harper wrote, adding:

"You’re a gem and it was lovely to sing for you and your beautiful audience."

The pleasure of listening was all ours, Jamie-Grace!

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