Geno Doak: WeTV is Plotting to Make June Shannon Dump Me!

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From his crack cocaine arrest to being spotted crashing his car into Mama June's house, Geno Doak does not seem to be at his best.

But for months, he has been silent on social media despite a string of scandals.

Now, Geno is finally speaking up and telling his side of the story -- and he's alleging a conspiracy to make him look bad.

Geno Doak at Lunch

Geno Doak came out with a sixteen-minute rant against the forces he claims are railroading him.

"WeTV, ThinkFactory .... a lot of the people don't want the truth out there," Geno claims to his fans and followers.

"So," he alleges. "They've had me blocked on everything."

That, Geno says, is why he has been absent from social media.

People had mostly just assumed that he was too busy on various binges to update his fans, but okay.

Geno Doak lengthy livestream rant

"It’s not about the drug use, it’s about money to you,” Geno accuses the producers of From Not to Hot.

“Well, why was the drug use overlooked daily when I would go to the bathroom 100 times, come out pouring sweat," he recalls.

"And the production company would say, ‘was that using the restroom?’" Geno continues.

He insists: They knew I was in there getting high. They didn’t care!"

"I was still profitable at that time," Geno explains. "So nothing was said."

June Shannon and Geno Doak

"I’ve been blasted on every f--king media outlet there is," Geno complains. "Made everything to be my fault, which it’s not."

"I’m not saying anybody made me do drugs; nobody made me do drugs. It was my choice," he at least admits.

"But it was overlooked," he argues. "It was never an issue. Nobody gave a f--k until it was public."

Yeah, that's usually how substance abuse works in the entertainment industry.

"You guys knew I had dope on me," Geno claims. "And that I wouldn’t come in without bringing my cocaine in, so you escorted me around security check points.” 

“Why?" he asks. "So I could get my drugs in."

Geno Doak Photo

"When we were at the events and there were drugs being used blatantly by everybody," Geno recalls.

"It wasn’t an issue then, why is it now?" he asks.

"Production at one time bought three 30-packs of beers,” Geno claims.. “That’s 90 beers. It just so happened to be my [beer] brand of choice."

"[My] drinking wasn’t an issue then," he argues. "Go back and look at the footage; every Solo cup you see me drinking out of? There’s beer in there!"

"And who bought it? Production!" Geno points out.

We have to acknowledge that it is not unusual for production companies to provide food and drinks, but that 90 is a lot of beers.

Geno Doak with Mama

"What about sitting at the bars, with production, drinking?” Geno asks.

Again, we have to assume that no one minded because he had not made it a problem for him or for June -- yet.

"Wasn’t an issue then!" he accuses. "It’s only an issue when it affects you financially."

"You guys have found drugs repeatedly," Geno claims. "And nothing was ever said because it would have cost you too much."

June Kises Geno

He then accuses various entertainment news outlets, including The Blast, of writing fake texts as if they were his.

He then goes on to claim that there is some sort of diabolical conspiracy between producers and entertainment news writers.

To hear Geno tell it, it sounds like all blogs -- including THG, we suppose -- have been recruited to run a smear campaign against Geno.

"[They feel that] if they can get Geno and June apart, they can get her back on the show and make more money,” Geno opines.

But he says: “It’s not about money for me."

Geno Doak Mugshot

"To this day, production has not said a word about why they left," Geno complains. "I was available for every call time. They simply vanished."

"I quit getting messages that said, ‘Be here at this time.’ To this day, I have never had one explanation as to why I haven’t been paid," he says.

Geno then claims: "It seems to me you guys are the ones in breach of contract."

June Shannon and Geno Doak Make Out

"If they want to sit there and make me look like I’m horrible," Geno gripes. "Like they’re perfect and they’ve tried to get us help or whatever, screw off man,” 

“I’m human," he points out. "I’ve had one drug charge my entire life,"

"That night at the casino got out of hand drinking and [we] ended up doing drugs and got caught," Geno explains. "That’s it. Simple."

We think that we all know that Geno's troubles run a little deeper than that, as evidenced by his own words in this video.

Geno Doak

Geno also took a real issue with the intervention that June's actual loved ones staged to try to help her.

"All this stuff’s make believe,” Geno says dismissively. “Ultimatums? How about this, Dr. Ish, I’m gonna call you out, too."

"What about your statement to the facility that June went to, saying June was on drugs and all that. You’ve never seen her!" he accuses.

Geno asks: "How can you provide a statement to a facility about an individual you did not see?"

"You did not examine her," he complains. "You spoke to her in a crowd of other people."

What a piece of work.

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