90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Meet Laura and Aladin

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is the newest 90 Day spinoff series, And TLC is helping to build the hype with sneak peek videos of the featured couples. 

Fans have already met Evelin and Corey. Now, they can get to know another The Other Way couple: Laura and Aladin.

TLC just featured the couple in a new sneak peak trailer, and this one is a doozy, folks.

Laura and Aladin Try on Hats

The trailer first introduces us to Laura, a 51-year-old retiree from Toronto who now lives in Florida.

Laura lives with her 21-year-old son Liam, and the two seem to have a very close relationship. At the very least, it's clear they love playing Bingo together. 

Laura instantly comes off as warm and likeable, and she seems to love her life in Florida. 

But we quickly find out that she's about to leave her whole life behind to travel half-way around the globe and get married! So far, so good.

Laura Wins at Bingo

But then, the trailer introduces us to her fiance, and we had to take a moment because he is, well, not what we expected.

Aladin is a personal fitness trainer who lives in Qatar. He started "chit-chatting" with Laura over a year ago on social media, much to Laura's surprise.

"I was just like, 'Wow, he's gorgeous," she recalls. 

Well, she's not wrong. This is the kind of guy whose every selfie gets the 'eyes' emoji from thirsty followers.

But we have to admit the two make a pretty unusual couple. What's going on here?

Aladin Jallali

"What is he looking at me for," Laura wonders aloud.

Of course, Laura seems delightful and totally deserving of Aladin's admiration! But, we see why she'd ask.

At age 29, Aladin is 22 years younger than Laura -- and only eight years older than her son! Yikes.

That's a significant age gap, but if they want to be together, Aladin and Laura are both more than old enough to make an informed, responsible decision about it.

Of course, "informed, responsible decision" is a very relative term on a show where people fly off to marry someone they've often never met in person.

Laura on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Longtime 90 Day Fiance fans may be hearing alarm bells for a different reason.

Aladin is in Qatar but he is originally from Tunisia, just like the infamous 90 Day star Mohammed Jbali. 

Jbali too was a younger man who romanced an older American woman -- to Danielle Mullins' everlasting regret.

But, just as not all Americans are like Danielle, not all Tunisians are like Mohammed. And just looking at Aladin is enough to see that he's a very different man.

Aladin Jallali at the gym

And as the trailer shows us, Laura and Aladin already have a close, and totally charming, relationship.

We loved watching the satisfaction on Laura's face while Aladin shows off his abs at her command.

"Are you going to be removing more clothes," Laura asks him, definitely only half-kidding.

"Come on," Aladin laughs back at her.

It's an adorable exchange that had us hoping the camera crew would take a hike and give these two a moment.

Laura Video Chats With Aladin

It can be very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone you can only interact with over the internet. 

They live so far apart that even scheduling times to chat could be tricky because of the different time zones. 

But these two are certainly making the best of it. 

The trailer shows off a collection of selfies the two lovebirds have exchanged over social media, all with cute photo filters.

Laura explains that after a year or so of chatting, Aladin finally asked if she would like to come to Qatar and meet.

Laura Ogles Aladin and His Six Pack.

We know she took him up on the offer and the two have met in person. But we'll have to tune into 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way to see how it goes down.

For the record, we hope it turns out just as sweet as this trailer.

We'll be rooting for you Laura. For obvious reasons.

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