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50 Cent isn’t always the brightest bulb, and frankly, he can be an incredible D-bag at times.

Now that he’s only semi-employed (He’s got a show on Starz or something.) Fiddy has lots of time to make an ass out of himself, and he’s been taking full advantage.

He’s taken to social media to claim that Diddy had Tupac killed, shared embarrassing details about his own bankruptcy proceedings, and he even got sued within an inch of his life for cyber-bullying the ex-wife of rap rival Rick Ross.

But last night, 50 may have hit a new low.

In a video that’s since been removed from his Instagram page, the rapper harasses a young janitor at a Cincinnati airport.

"What kind of shit you think he took before he got to work today?" says as he follows the young man while taking video on his phone.

"Look at him. He high as sh-t right here in the airport."

50’s actions would’ve been unconscionably dickish under any circumstances, but they’re particularly egregious in this situation, as it turns out the employee, identified as 19-year-old Andrew Farrell, suffers from a disability as well as crippling social anxiety.

In the clip below, Andrew’s parents call 50 out and demand an apology:

“To put this out there saying my son is on drugs or whatever, that is part of his social anxiety,” says Andrew’s father, Kent Farrell.

“He’s not wanting to talk, he’s not wanting to communicate, he’s walking on and he’s doing his job.”

This, of course, is not 50’s first time publicly mocking the disabled.

Back in 2012, 50 apologized for posting insensitive tweets about autism.

In 2014, he made fun of illiterate adults on Instagram.

It’s unclear if 50 will issue an apology this time, but at least those who have been bullied by the rapper can take comfort in the fact that there’s no greater joke than his career.