Ted Cruz Doesn't Care That Carly Fiorina Just Fell Through a Stage

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Ted Cruz is focused on one thing and one thing only these days:

Making sure Donald Trump is never elected President of the United States.

Carly and Ted

The Republican hopeful is so focused on denying The Donald any shot at the Oval Office, in fact, that he didn't even notice on Sunday when his running mate nearly plummeted to her death.

We exaggerate.

Only slightly.

Cruz and Carly Fiorina were at a campaign stop in Indiana ahead of tonight's key primary in that state when the latter introduced the former to the crowd, telling them to greet the "next President of the United States."

Cruz then walked out on to the platform... and Fiorina disappeared from view entirely.

Heidi Cruz noticed the mishap right away and went to help her husband's choice for Vice President, but Ted Cruz seemingly had no clue what just happened in front of him.

He does seem to eventually realize Fiorina has taken a major fall... but he doesn't actually do much of anything about it.

Granted, there are hands to shake and important votes to try and win, but come on, man.

Show some decency.

You may have no need for a running mate after the results of the Indiana primary are counted, and Fiorina may be the Devil Woman, but still.

You probably should have lent her a hand.

Even Trump would have done so. Maybe. Possibly. We're not sure, actually.

Watch the hilarious incident take place below:

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