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Folks, as you probably know, it’s been quite a big news week.

No, we’re not talking about the fact that Trump supporters are getting locked up at such an alarming rate that you’d think they were black teens with half a gram of marijuana in their glove compartment.

Azealia Banks Takes a Peek

We’re talking about the excitement of yet another Azealia Banks beef!

As you may recall, Ms. Banks is a gifted rapper and singer who keeps torpedoing her own career, largely by engaging in ugly high-profile feuds with better-known celebs.

Though she’s emerged victorious on multiple occasions (see: Azealia Banks vs. Iggy Azalea), generally the one to suffer most in the aftermath is Banks herself.

Whether that’s the result of her being treated unfairly in the press or simply a consequence of continually throwing shots at powerful and influential people is still a matter for debate.

Azealia Banks is Crazy

What’s not up for argument, however, is the fact that picking a fight with a budding supervillain who seems hell-bent on being the first man to conquer space probably isn’t the best decision Azealia ever made.

As you may know, Elon Musk is currently dating Grimes, a Canadian singer who apparently knows Banks in a professional capacity.

Grimes recently invited Banks to Musk’s mansion to discuss a collaboration, and based on Azealia’s social media updates on the situation, we think it’s safe to say the visit didn’t go according to plan.

Banks compared the situation to the movie Get Out and claimed that Musk used LSD and steroids in her presence.

Azealia on Elon

She even claimed that the Tesla CEO tweeted important news about his company while in the throes of an acid trip.

She went on to describe Musk as “a giant d—k" and accused him of using “a fake made up accent."

Banks wasn’t much kinder to Grimes, whom she described as "white trash" and “a pathological liar.” 

So that was last week.

This week, the feud was re-ignited by Banks’ claims that Musk stole her phone in order to "delete evidence" of their bizarre encounter.

Azealia Banks-Elon Musk-Grimes

Attorneys for Musk responded with a statement reading in part:

“Elon doesn’t know Azealia Banks. He doesn’t have her phone and neither do his lawyers.”

“Azealia Banks might be a lot of things, but one thing I am not is a liar. I’m not gonna be made to look like I’m some f—king crazed fan," Banks fired back.

Azealia doubled down on her comments yesterday, writing in an Instagram story that she “didn’t come to L.A. to [have] some f—king alien orgy and some other crazy s—t.” 

Musk has yet to respond, but we expect he’ll announce plans to launch Azealia Banks into orbit sometime this afternoon.