Tori Roloff Flaunts Stunning Beach Body, Post-Baby Weight Loss

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Tori Roloff is no Kim Kardashian.

She has no sex tape about which to lament the existence of and she doesn't come across as fake or disingenuous at every turn.

But the Little People, Big World star has borrowed one page from Kim's playbook on her Instagram page.

She has shared a photo of her pre-baby body and her post-baby body, clearly proud of how far she has come.

Oh, and she's also given us new glimpses at adorable son Jackson!

Scroll down to see all the photos!

1. In Maui

In Maui
Life looks pretty great for Tori, Zach and little Jackson in Maui, doesn't it? We sort of wish we were there.

2. Pregnancy Throwback

Pregnancy Throwback
Let's do a time warp! Tori Roloff shared this photo on her Instagram page, saying she was seven months pregnant at the time... in Maui.

3. In Maui... Again

In Maui... Again
... and now they have a baby! Tori and Zach returned to Maui with their precious son, Jackson, 18 months after he entered their world.

4. 7 months in. 18 months out.

7 months in. 18 months out.
Here is a comparison of those two photos. Tori wrote "7 months in. 18 months out." as a caption.

5. A Slight Tease

A Slight Tease
As you can see here, some fans got excited that this was a second pregnancy announcement by Tori, as followers continue to hope one is on the way.

6. These Fans Mean Well, But...

These Fans Mean Well, But...
Tori expressed understandable irritation at all the pregnancy rumors going around the Internet. She was forced to issue this statement in response to them on Instagram: "No I’m not pregnant. Yes I love baggy clothes and food. What if I was a women who couldn’t get pregnant? What if I was a women who had body image issues?"

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