Jenelle Evans: Did She Abandon Her Kids to Go on a Cross-Country Drug Run?!

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Jenelle Evans has been involved in so much ridiculous behavior over the years that you might think there's no way she could shock you at this point.

But apparently, the Teen Mom 2 star is intent on proving you wrong.

The last two months may have been the most bonkers of Jenelle's life -- which is really saying something.

And if a new report is to be believed, she decided to cap the whole thing off by ditching the kids and embarking on a drug-fueled cross-country odyssey.

Check it out:

1. Road Warriors

Road Warriors
Jenelle and David have decided to ditch their responsibilities and hit the road. It's like Easy Rider, except instead of hippie bikers, it's a pair of negligent parents.

2. Traveling Twosome

Traveling Twosome
Jenelle and David have made several stops on their road trip, including a visit to the Grand Canyon.

3. Taking Their Time

Taking Their Time
They seem to have a lot of time on their hands for two people with a bunch of kids at home (including one who's homeschooled) but we digress.

4. Goin' Back to Cali

Goin' Back to Cali
It's David and Jenelle's time in California that's attracting the most attention -- and drawing some major suspicions.

5. The Timing

The Timing
For one thing, California is being consumed by historic wildfires at the moment, so it's a bit of an odd time to take a trip there.

6. To Be Fair...

To Be Fair...
Jenelle and David didn't know that would happen at the time they planned the trip, so they can't really be judged for the awful timing.

7. Her Words, However ...

Her Words, However ...
But Jenelle CAN be judged for her foolish comments about the wildfires.

8. Second Home?

Second Home?
"Malibu is like a second home to me. I can’t imagine," Jenelle tweeted in response to the destruction in California.

9. Narcissism At Its Finest

Narcissism At Its Finest
Naturally, Ms. Evans was rightfully roasted for attempting to make the tragedy all about her.

10. Two Months?!

Two Months?!
As far as anyone can tell, Jenelle only ever spent about two months in Malibu, so the "second home" comment is more than a little absurd.

11. Bad Memories

Bad Memories
And it's not like she got to know her neighbors. Jenelle was in rehab in California, and she left several weeks ahead of schedule.

12. What Were They Thinking?

What Were They Thinking?
Jenelle and David's insensitive social media posts about forest fires aren't helping their cause, but what fans really want to know is ... what brought them back to California?

13. Drugs? It's Drugs, Isn't It?

Drugs? It's Drugs, Isn't It?
Most fans seem to agree that the trip had something to do with Jenelle's substance abuse problems.

14. But What KIND of Drugs?

But What KIND of Drugs?
Or more accurately, did Jenelle and David head to the Golden State to procure drugs or to get off them?

15. Still Using?

Still Using?
Rehab may seem like the most obvious choice, especially since Jenelle went to Malibu for that reason.

16. Blind Item

Blind Item
But a blind item about a reality star making the trip to California to procure special designer drugs has caught the attention of many TM2 fans.

17. Interesting ....

Interesting ....
According to Crazy Days and Nights and several other websites, the proposed drug deal went awry when the reality star's significant other threatened to get violent with the dealers.

18. Sound Like Anyone We Know?

Sound Like Anyone We Know?
Obviously, we have no way of knowing if it's David. But when we hear someone's violent tendencies made life harder for the people around him, our thoughts always turn to Mr. Eason.

19. A Long History

A Long History
If you watch Teen Mom 2, then you know that allegations of substance abuse are nothing new for Jenelle.

20. A Bad Road

A Bad Road
While still in her teens, Jenelle became a frequent user of hard drugs such as heroin.

21. Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom
Jenelle has never claimed to be completely sober and admits that she continues to drink and smoke weed.

22. A New Low

A New Low
Earlier this year, Jenelle admitted to smoking pot while she was still pregnant with daughter Ensley.

23. Harder Stuff

Harder Stuff
It's not hard to see why many TM2 viewers are convinced Jenelle is still using harder drugs.

24. Road Trip!

Road Trip!
But would she really be willing to travel thousands of miles to procure the specific substance of her choice?

25. Either Way ...

Either Way ...
It's clear that Jenelle and David's fun vacay photos were meant to distract from their latest scandals. Needless to say, the tactic didn't work ...

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