THG's Most Notorious Criminals

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A field guide to some of the most notorious criminals to ever grace the virtual pages of THG.

1. Miranda Barbour

Miranda Barbour, the Craigslist Killer, says she is possessed by Satan and "lost count" of how many people she killed after 22 ... but the final total is less than 100.

2. Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias was convicted in the brutal slaying of her former lover in 2013.

3. Jennifer Mee

Jennifer Mee
Jennifer Mee, formerly known as hiccup girl, is now known as the girl charged with allegedly helping kill a Walmart worker.

4. Mayra Rosales

Mayra Rosales
Mayra Rosales, also known as the half-ton killer, has since lost 800 pounds. Yes, 800.

5. Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn was convicted of three counts of attempted murder after firing on a car full of teenagers in a Florida case many likened to Trayvon Martin's death.

6. Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes, 17, allegedly murdered a Houston girl in what he claimed was a deal he made with the Devil himself.

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