The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion: What Did We Learn?

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Who peed on a couch?

Who may be getting a divorce?

Which wants to have hate sex with a fellow cast member?

The following bombshells were dropped at various times during an intense reunion special on The Real Housewives of Potomac...

1. No Divorce Drama Here!

No Divorce Drama Here!
At least not if Charrisse has her way. Even though estranged husband Eddie just lost his job as head coach of Rutgers University basketball, Charrisse said there are no plans for the couple to live together again. Is a divorce still on the horizon? "Maybe, but it will be no choice of mine," Charrisse said.

2. Is There a Future for Katie and Andrew?

Is There a Future for Katie and Andrew?
"I can’t see myself bringing a man around the kids much in the future," Katie said, confirming the two had been off and on for months but actually split mere hours prior to the reunion taping.

3. Hate Sex Alert!

Hate Sex Alert!
After Andy Cohen brought up Katie’s bisexuality, he then asked which cast members she’d sleep with. "I would have hate-sex with Gizelle!" she replied, only half-kidding as assume.

4. What's That, Ashley?

What's That, Ashley?
Ashley Darby then chimed in and admitted she was in a relationship with a woman when she was 18... to which Katie replied: Well, now I know I have a chance!"

5. Man on Man Action?

Man on Man Action?
The cast members were joined at one point by Karen Huger’s husband, Raymond Huger, as well as Ashley’s husband, Michael Darby. And of course that man-on-man butt squeeze between the two came up, with Michael explaining it as follows: Most of you wouldn’t do too well in Australia. Ass-grabbing, having fun, is pretty much what we do all day in Australia."

6. Urine Trouble Now!

Urine Trouble Now!
Katie and Gizelle Bryant were at odds for most of the special, with Gizelle accusing Katie of being drunk and peeing herself during a promotional shoot. Yes, peeing herself. “I‘ve had three kids, and I laughed and a little came out," Katie said by way of explanation.

7. One Final Bombshell

One Final Bombshell
"I’m sorry - real quick before we do the toast, I have to be very honest because I did leave something out,” Charrisse said toward the end. "Since doing the show, my husband hasn’t been talking to me at all.” Due to all she discussed while filming the show, Cohen asked? Yes, Charrisse said, but she has no regrets over sharing her "truth."

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