Teen Mom OG Season 8 Reunion Photos: Celebrating the Absence of Amber!

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As you've probably heard by now, Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic violence again last week, which means she was unable to attend the taping of the Teen Mom OG Season 8 reunion in New York City.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Amber was legally permitted to attend the taping, but since she was not allowed to discuss the case, her lawyers advised against it.

Probably for the best.

Anyway, as you can see from the following photos, the rest of the cast seemed to thrive in Amber's absence.

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the show, and the decade motif comes up in a lot of the pics.

Might be an appropriate time to part ways with the woman whose psychopathic behavior helped this wacky franchise find an audience in the first place.

Just sayin' ...

1. Catelynn Looks Different

Catelynn Looks Different
We're not implying that she's had some work done ... but we're not NOT implying that either. Whatever the case, she looks good, and more importantly, happy.

2. Kristina and Leah

Kristina and Leah
Gary Shirley's wife, Kristina, along with his daughter, Leah. She seems to be holding up well in the wake of Amber's latest arrest.

3. Dr. Drew and Cory Wharton

Dr. Drew and Cory Wharton
It looks like these two got along well. We're guessing this was one of Dr. Drew's softball interviews.

4. Cast Vibes

Cast Vibes
We don't need to tell you the Teen Mom OG cast hasn't always hit it off. But it looks like Cheyenne Floyd has had no trouble making friends.

5. Cory With Ryder

Cory With Ryder
Cory Wharton was joined on set by daughter Ryder. It looks like she enjoyed her wild weekend in NYC!

6. Butch Is Back!

Butch Is Back!
Tyler Baltierra's father, Butch, has had his share of troubles over the years. But these days, he's back in his son's life and reportedly sober!

7. Cheyenne In the House

Cheyenne In the House
Cheyenne Floyd seemed to be in better spirits than anyone during filming. We suppose it's with good reason -- she's done the impossible and managed to win over both cast and co-stars.

8. Drew and Nessa

Drew and Nessa
The co-hosts seem happy. Smiles come naturally when you know you're not gonna have to deal with Amber.

9. Leah at the Airport

Leah at the Airport
Also happy to be Amber-less was Leah Shirley. The 10-year-old seems to be thriving with her father and stepmother.

10. Maci Snaps a Selfie

Maci Snaps a Selfie
Who could blame her? It's pretty much an instinctual reaction after having your hair and makeup professionally done.

11. Cory in the VIP

Cory in the VIP
It's not all long days on set during the annual cast trip to NYC. As you can see, Cory appears to have discovered the city's nightlife.

12. Cory on Set

Cory on Set
But in a manner befitting his name, Wharton was all business on set. This guy is quickly emerging as one of the most likable Teen Mom baby daddies.

13. The Cast on Set

The Cast on Set
A candid moment featuring some OG favorites. And even a glimpse of Taylor McKinney, who does not appear in many of these pics.

14. Cheyenne & Cory Selfie

Cheyenne & Cory Selfie
These two have certainly had their ups and downs over the years. But they're able to set aside their differences when need be. Other TMOG parents may want to take note.

15. Gary and Taylor

Gary and Taylor
A couple of OGs talking business at the reunion. We're sure the topic of Amber's latest drama came up.

16. Gary Time!

Gary Time!
Gary was all over the place at the reunion. The man is thriving in the absence of Amber!

17. It's Mackenzie McKee!

It's Mackenzie McKee!
The McKee clan was on hand for the reunion. Though not an official cast member, Mackenzie has filmed several scenes for upcoming episodes of TMOG.

18. Gary and Angie Douthit

Gary and Angie Douthit
Mackenzie's cancer-stricken mother was able to make the trip for the reunion. As you can see, she got to meet an OG legend!

19. Cory and His Audience

Cory and His Audience
No one seemed to have more fun at the reunion than Cory Wharton. Here, he can be seen greeting his adoring public. Looks it was an unusually drama-free taping.

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