Teen Mom OG Recap: Wait, Is Amber Pregnant Again?

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The newbies made the originals on Teen Mom OG this week.

On the latest installment of this MTV hit, viewers went back in time and watched as incoming stars Cheyenne Floyd and Bristol Palin met the women who have been in this spotlight forever:

Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell.

How did this interaction go? How much tension was present? And which young lady thinks she may be pregnant again?

Wait... WHAT?!?

You need to scroll down right now for our recap of storylines and developments:

1. Here. We. Go!

Here. We. Go!
This is our rundown of the episode that aired on November 12, 2018.

2. We Gotta Start with Amber...

We Gotta Start with Amber...
Portwood felt ill and got very concerned that she was pregnant with another baby. (She had basically JUST given birth to her son on the show). “It feels like my stomach is just achy. I swear to God, if you got me pregnant,” Amber said to boyfriend Andrew Glennon after admitting that she felt queasy while in New York City.

3. No on the Pregnancy, But Yes on the Frustration

No on the Pregnancy, But Yes on the Frustration
It was a false alarm for Amber, but what rang true was her irritation over the way MTV handled the hiring of Bristol and Cheyenne. No one even told the three original cast members this was happening until an announcement was made to the public.

4. Where's the R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

Where's the R-E-S-P-E-C-T?
Amber talked to a producer about how it all transpired, saying in an emotional tone on air: “This show, to us, is like family, especially with the girls. There’s been a lot of things that have happened in 10 years from my f-cking life that I have let you guys watch, that has been really personal so I need that respect back … We would really like some f-cking respect.”

5. Wait, Lady, I'm Not Done!

Wait, Lady, I'm Not Done!
"Hopefully we're not dealing with Farrah sh-t, but I don't think they're anything like that from what everyone's been saying," Amber told this producer, referencing Abraham and the two new women and adding: "It's simply the courtesy of letting the girls who've been doing this for 10 years, who built this franchise with them, know what's going on on their show."

6. Amber's Emotions Ran High

Amber's Emotions Ran High
This caused some to wonder if she really was pregnant, which prompted a pregnancy test. It came back negative. “I need to get on birth control," Amber said. "There are things that I wanna do in my life... Having a baby right now would kind of stop that. It’s just not the right time to have another kid.”

7. Down with Farrah!

Down with Farrah!
At the press event during which the full cast met for the first time, everyone bonded by bashing Farrah Abraham. Bristol explained how she and Maci had actually met a long time ago, at a teen pregnancy event with Abraham, leading Maci to reply: "Yeah, when Farrah was somewhat nice."

8. Eh, She Always Sucked

Eh, She Always Sucked
"She was still rude back then," Bristol replied. "I know people talk about me in such a negative way, so I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So I watch the show [thinking] I feel bad for her, that must suck to feel like people hate you. But I feel like she really does choose to have enemies, all over."

9. Amber Agrees

Amber Agrees
"[Farrah] feels like it's her way of shining through, she used to separate herself from us anytime we did anything," Amber agreed, prior to toasting Farrah's replacements as follows: "I just want to like be cordial and friendly and have a good frickin' season without a crazy reunion."

10. Catelynn on Season 8

Catelynn on Season 8
Following their meeting, Catelynn talked her first impressions of the newbies to Tyler. While she thought Floyd was "really chill," she added that Bristol is "a little more conservative" than she's used to, but still "nice."

11. Speaking of Sucking...

Speaking of Sucking...
The relationship between estranged spouses Bristol and Dakota Meyer was worse than ever, with the latter saying their accountant accidentally deposited money into his account instead of Palin's and: "She tried to put me in jail for 18 months over it…it was bullsh-t."

12. This is Bristol's Fault

This is Bristol's Fault
'I've got a video here of [2-year old daughter] Sailor, she said ''I'm mad at daddy because daddy stole mommy's money,'" Meyer said, aghast at his ex talking about him like this to their child. "It's like how does my two-year-old know anything about what is going on with me and Bristol? Because I know that I don't talk about it in front of them."

13. But He DID Steal the Money

But He DID Steal the Money
"The principle, of you stealing the money that is not yours," Palin told her friend Marina, adding: "Do I want to sit here and have it known, and the line in the sand, that you're not going to f-ck with me, you're not going to, or just say ''Ok someday he'll have a conscience'' and maybe someday he'll look back and say ''Wow, I was in the wrong.'" She also said she had spent thousands in legal fees as a result of her fallout with Meyer.

14. It's Just So Ugly Between Them

It's Just So Ugly Between Them
"I was just a sucker…his mentality is just he's above the law and he can do whatever he wants, some of his posts online are just scary to me," Bristol concluded to her friend. "It's bullsh-t…high school cheerleading squad…I just hope it can be squashed and he can grow up."

15. Elsewhere This Week...

Elsewhere This Week...
Tyler Baltierra celebrated because his dad got out of rehab, got his driver's license AND a new place. He also spoke to both of his parents about his sister, Amber, who was still in rehab herself. While his mother and father expressed concern about her, Tyler simply called her "immature" and said he was both "tired" and "done" with her antics.

16. Major News for Maci

Major News for Maci
Maci, meanwhile, learned that her first baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, was in rehab - a decision he made himself. She hoped he'd stay there the full 90 days, so he'll finally "understand and realize the work he has to do there."

17. Maci Bookout with Ryan Edwards

Maci Bookout with Ryan Edwards
Bookout added that she wants Edward to come out "the Ryan everybody knows and loves," saying that "he's a goofy, funny, smart person ... when he's him." She's really trying to see the best in her ex.

18. Gary's Search Continues

Gary's Search Continues
Finally, Gary Shirley continued his quest to find his biological dad this week, taking a blood test to see if his half-brother was really his full brother. It came back negative.

19. Gosh Darn

Gosh Darn
"It's depressing. I kind of feel like there's no hope," he lamented about this search. We still wish him the best with it.

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