Amber Portwood Melts Down In Bizarre Instagram Rant: I Am NOT a Bad Mom!

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We think it's safe to say Amber Portwood is going through a bit of a tough time.

Over the course of the past two weeks, Amber has gotten emotional on social media multiple times while discussing recent events in her life.

And she's not exactly welling up with joy.

Amber recently "quit" Teen Mom OG over what she says is bullying and harassment from fans.

It's unclear if she'll actually be leaving the show, but in the week since, she's complained about poor treatment from viewers several more times.

And last night, she delivered what might be her most emotional tirade to date.

Take a look:

1. Tough Times

Tough Times
Amber appears to be stuck in a downward spiral these days. The Teen Mom OG star is now in the habit of unleashing her anger toward fans in bizarre social media rants.

2. When the Bullied Becomes the Bully

When the Bullied Becomes the Bully
Amber has accused TMOG viewers of bullying her, but as many have pointed out, she's recently engaged in quite a bit of behavior that could be described as bullying.

3. Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line
In the first of her recent rants, Amber threatened to get violent with fans and insulted one of her followers by referring to them using the R-word.

4. Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Shortly thereafter, Amber took to Twitter to deliver another rant, this time threatening to quit the show that made her famous.

5. In Case It Wasn't Clear ...

In Case It Wasn't Clear ...
"I can't do this anymore," Amber tweeted. Shortly thereafter, she followed that up with "I have to quit this show."

6. Amber's Heartache

Amber's Heartache
"The heartache this show has put me through is too much to bear anymore," she continued. "If I will not be shown then there's nothing more to do. My name will not get smeared anymore."

7. Blood Money

Blood Money
Amber went on to say that she hopes all of the people who have profited from her misery can rest easy.

8. To Be Fair ...

To Be Fair ...
Of course, she neglected to mention that she also became quite wealthy from her many years on the show.

9. Another Meltdown

Another Meltdown
From there, things got even more serious, as Amber accused fans of cyber-bullying.

10. She Really Went There

She Really Went There
"You guys are the reason people commit suicide," she tweeted. "Words hurt and I'm such a sweet person and those parts are never really shown."

11. Relentless

Many hoped that the people in Amber's inner circle would encourage her to dial it back after that tirade, but it doesn't look like she'll calming down anytime soon.

12. Where's Leah?

Where's Leah?
On Monday night, a new episode of Teen Mom OG aired, and once again, viewers were left with the impression that Amber does not spend much time with her daughter, Leah.

13. Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm
The episode coincided with Leah's birthday, which Amber celebrated on Sunday, leaving many fans with the impression that she was too busy to celebrate on the correct date.

14. Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate
All of this resulted in a great deal of criticism on social media, which of course, resulted in another tirade from Amber.

15. A Bad Mom?

A Bad Mom?
"I just really don't understand how I'm a bad mom. I really don't, I haven't done anything to be a bad mom," she said in her Instagram Live video.

16. A History of Violence

A History of Violence
"I did literally something 10 years ago that people are still holding on to," Portwood continued.

17. Mad Amber

Mad Amber
Amber appears to be referring to the first time she assaulted Leah's father, Gary Shirley.

18. Doing Time

Doing Time
Amber went to prison for her crimes in 2012, but wound up serving just 17 months of a 5-year sentence.

19. Daughter Theft

Daughter Theft
"Everything I've been doing is all I can do. I can't go and steal my daughter. I'm there for my daughter whenever she needs me," Amber added, referring to accusations that she's a negligent mother.

20. Gary Has Custody

Gary Has Custody
"I talk to her every day. Any time she wants to see me she can see me unless she wants to hang out with her friends," Portwood said in response to fans who accused her of rarely seeing Leah.

21. Emotional Roller Coaster

Emotional Roller Coaster
"Leah told me today that today was one of the best days of her life to me and it's like I go online and get so much hate," Amber continued. "I feel like I am getting bullied."

22. Distorted Perception?

Distorted Perception?
"The show has seriously ruined my image as a mom when the truth hasn't even been put out there. I have such a great relationship with her," Amber said, turning her anger toward TMOG producers.

23. Hater Blockin'

Hater Blockin'
"I will not be the villain anymore for this show because I am not a villain anymore. I can't keep blocking haters, I can't keep doing it," Portwood continued.

24. Sure You Do!

Sure You Do!
"There are people saying that I don't even know my daughter's birthday. I always tell my daughter happy birthday early," Amber told the camera at one point.

25. An Uncertain Future

An Uncertain Future
Amber once again hinted that she might be leaving the show that made her famous, saying, "I will not be able to move forward with this show unless I am able to show my truth and that's all I got to say. I love you guys and I don't know if I am going to be back or not because I want my story shown."

26. A Word of Advice

A Word of Advice
Amber is clearly frustrated with the perception that she's a negligent mom. We're not sure if she can change that image, but here's a good place to start: Amber, don't record a video that's all about you on your daughter's freakin' birthday!

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