Teen Mom OG Recap: The (Bizarre) Name Game

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Teen Mom OG focused less on the (former) Teen Moms this week and more on their crop of children.

Bristol Palin had a talk with her son about Dakota Meyer... Amber helped her daughter achieve a major female milestone... and Catelynn and Tyler revealed their impending child's name.

It's an unusual one, we can say that much.

Let's begin our recap with this revelation and then go from there, shall we?

Scroll down now, Teen Mom OG fans!


1. Catelynn and Tyler are Expecting!

Catelynn and Tyler are Expecting!
If you're any sort of dedicated viewer, you already knew this. The announcement was made in September, as the stars admitted this pregnancy was not planned.

2. But Was It Welcome?

But Was It Welcome?
Yes. Both Tyler and Catelynn soound excited about the child. They just have their own issues to also work though, as depicted on last week's episode of the show.

3. Where Were They at This Week?

Where Were They at This Week?
They went to Catelynn's 4-D ultrasound appointment together and got a close look at their baby.

4. There She Is!

There She Is!
Wow, huh? Technology is pretty amazing, isn't it? And so is the human body.

5. Get to the Name, Please!

Get to the Name, Please!
“What name are you thinking?” Catelynn’s doctor asked the couple. “Tezlee,” Tyler replied. “Tezlee it is.” Yep, that's what it will be: Tezlee.

6. Guess What, Dad?!?

Guess What, Dad?!?
Tyler then went home and FaceTimed his dad, passing along the blessed baby news.

7. Issues Still Persist, However

Issues Still Persist, However
A baby doesn't make marital problems just go away. “I’m not going to bring no f-ckin innocent kid into this sh-t,” Tyler said at one point on Monday. “Just because the baby is here and just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that anything is going to change.”

8. Does Tyler Have Regrets?

Does Tyler Have Regrets?
When Butch asked Tyler if he ever wondered what his life would have been like if he’d been with someone else (ouch!), Tyler responded: “Yeah! The thing about it is, I want Cate when we were like 20, 21, 19 when everything was like … I don’t know, dude." That ain't a positive replay.

9. Yikes, Ty. What About Bristol This Week?

Yikes, Ty. What About Bristol This Week?
Palin spent more of the installment dealing with Tripp, who is NOT Meyer's biological son, but who has been very close to her ex for a long time.

10. Does Tripp Want to Maintain This Relationship Post-Divorce?

Does Tripp Want to Maintain This Relationship Post-Divorce?
The nine-year old was most uncomfortable and ambivalent when asked by his mom, who said on camera to a friend: "It sounds like he doesn't want anything to do with Dakota. I think that Tripp's a lot more hurt than he lets onto. I think he's so protective to me, he doesn't want anything to do with someone who's done all this stuff that's gone on."

11. Dakota Loves Tripp, Though, Right?!?

Dakota Loves Tripp, Though, Right?!?
Speaking to one of his own friends, Dakota said that he adores Tripp, but emphasizes that it's up to Bristol if they're going to keep a close bond or not. "I don't know what his mom's telling him," he added. "I worry that if I reached out, that I'd be dealing more harm than anything to him."

12. I'm Not Gonna Be Pushy

I'm Not Gonna Be Pushy
"I'm here if he needs me, but I'm not going to push anything," Meyer concluded about pursuing a relationship with Tripp.

13. A Big Day for Amber

A Big Day for Amber
Amber at first said her depression had been "resurfacing" of late, but she ended up spending a unique and special time with daughter Leah.

14. She's 10 Years Old Now!

She's 10 Years Old Now!
Crazy, right? She's feeling insecure about the hair on her legs, so Amber and Gary's wife, Kristina, decided it was time to teach her how to shave.

15. Co-Parenting at its Best

Co-Parenting at its Best
"I thought it was a good idea if Kristina was a part of it, she is a huge part of Leah's life when it comes to big milestones," Amber said. "She's going to be part of those as well. That's how it should be when you coparent."

16. Gary Was Very Proud and Happy

Gary Was Very Proud and Happy
As you can see above.

17. All Was Not Perfect, However

All Was Not Perfect, However
Amber did confess that it bothered her that Leah didn't want to go to her house more often: "I want to be here for moments like this and always be around when big things happen."

18. Haunted by Her Past

Haunted by Her Past
"I feel like my past creeps up behind me with her. I don't want her to keep thinking like that," added Portwood. "No matter what has happened, I'll be there for her. I want her to know everything is not that way anymore." She did also say that she had a lot of "fun" doing the whole shaving thing.

19. And Now Moving on to Maci...

And Now Moving on to Maci...
She let Jen and Larry (Ryan's parents) care for Bentley for a few extra days while they waited for his baby brother to arrive.

20. A Big Step

A Big Step
Ryan missed the birth and is still in rehab, but Maci wanted to be mature about the situation, saying on air: "We're adults, we can all put our bullshit aside for children to spend time with their siblings."

21. To Reconcile or Not?

To Reconcile or Not?
For their part this week, Cheyenne and Cory continued to debate their romantic future. Namely: Do they have one?!?

22. Love in the Air?

Love in the Air?
"I love our relationship, I love that we're goofy, I love all of it. I love how we parent, how we can talk every day," Cheyenne said to a friend. "I love all of it and at what point do I separate that and my feelings for him?" That's the question going forward, isn't it?

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