Teen Mom OG Recap: The (Bizarre) Name Game

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Teen Mom OG focused less on the (former) Teen Moms this week and more on their crop of children.

Bristol Palin had a talk with her son about Dakota Meyer... Amber helped her daughter achieve a major female milestone... and Catelynn and Tyler revealed their impending child's name.

It's an unusual one, we can say that much.

Let's begin our recap with this revelation and then go from there, shall we?

Scroll down now, Teen Mom OG fans!


1. Catelynn and Tyler are Expecting!

Catelynn and Tyler are Expecting!
If you're any sort of dedicated viewer, you already knew this. The announcement was made in September, as the stars admitted this pregnancy was not planned.

2. But Was It Welcome?

But Was It Welcome?
Yes. Both Tyler and Catelynn soound excited about the child. They just have their own issues to also work though, as depicted on last week's episode of the show.

3. Where Were They at This Week?

Where Were They at This Week?
They went to Catelynn's 4-D ultrasound appointment together and got a close look at their baby.

4. There She Is!

There She Is!
Wow, huh? Technology is pretty amazing, isn't it? And so is the human body.

5. Get to the Name, Please!

Get to the Name, Please!
“What name are you thinking?” Catelynn’s doctor asked the couple. “Tezlee,” Tyler replied. “Tezlee it is.” Yep, that's what it will be: Tezlee.

6. Guess What, Dad?!?

Guess What, Dad?!?
Tyler then went home and FaceTimed his dad, passing along the blessed baby news.

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