Catelynn Lowell Reveals Baby Name, And It is SO BAD

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Catelynn Lowell sure has been through a lot lately, huh?

This time last year, Catelynn was at a treatment center in Arizona dealing with suicidal thoughts.

Since then, she's had another rehab stay, her marriage has fallen apart, she's become Teen Mom OG's biggest villain.

Oh yeah, and she's pregnant again.

She's got to be overwhelmed, but is that an excuse for the name she's chosen for the new baby?


No, it is not.

1. Oh, Honey

Oh, Honey
So Catelynn ... well, things are kind of rough for Catelynn right now.

2. Well ...

Well ...
"Right now," "her whole entire life," whatever.

3. Bad Times

Bad Times
Like, Catelynn was raised by an emotionally abusive mother with a drinking problem and a habit of bringing awful men into their home ... she wasn't exactly set up for success, you know?

4. Too Much, Thanks

Too Much, Thanks
She started dating Tyler when they were in middle school, then her mom married his dad, then she got pregnant, then they placed the baby for adoption, then their families made them feel like garbage for the adoption ...

5. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
She's said she's been diagnosed with PTSD, and yeah, that makes plenty of sense.

6. It's A Lot

It's A Lot
But as bad as things have always been, it seems like they've been worse than ever for the past year or so.

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