Teen Mom Behind-the-Scenes Shockers: Who Was "Always High" During Filming? Whose House Is a Disgusting Mess?

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If you're a longtime fan of the Teen Mom franchise, you probably already know that all sorts of bonkers behavior has been featured on the MTV series over the past decade.

But what if we told you some of the Moms have engaged in all sorts of shocking acts that were too bizarre, too disturbing or just too gross to make it to air?

Yes, like just about every other long-running show on television, Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have accrued quite a number of behind-the-scenes secrets over the years.

But unlike most of those other shows, these anecdotes from the TM sets are more sad than funny.

Don't get us wrong -- you might find yourself laughing out loud over some of the bizarre conversations and behaviors that took place off camera.

But mostly, you'll be reminded of just what a strange cast of characters has been starring on these shows for the past 10 years.

Take a look:

1. The Truth About Teen Mom

The Truth About Teen Mom
The stars of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have engaged in some truly wild behavior over the years. Much of it has been featured on camera. However, some of it has been kept secret until now.

2. Throwing Back the Curtain

Throwing Back the Curtain
A series of recent Reddit Q&As featuring producers and other crew members who worked on the shows have shed light on some surprising truths about MTV's flagship franchise.

3. Holding Back

Holding Back
One rumor about the show that was confirmed by at least two staffers is that producers and camera operators are urged not to intervene, even in cases in which they think the moms might be putting themselves at risk.

4. Notable Exceptions

Notable Exceptions
If the crew feels that the moms are endangering their own children, however, they are expected to contact Child Protective Services. It's unclear if this has ever happened.

5. Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change
And what sort of insanity have the showrunners witnessed in their years behind the camera? Well, as you may have guessed, a whole lot of shoddy parenting was involved.

6. Mad Dad

Mad Dad
Some of the behind-the-scenes drama that never made it to air became tabloid fodder, such as David Eason's tendency to stalk the crew with a handgun on his hip and a rifle in his hands while they were trying to film Jenelle Evans.

7. Overkill

Of course, David's weaponry stunts continued to escalate until he shot and killed Jenelle's dog, prompting the CPS investigation that got her fired from the show.

8. Mystery Mess

Mystery Mess
But there's nothing terribly shocking about threats and abuse coming from the Eason household. However, the answer to the question of which Teen Mom keeps the filthiest home? Well, that one might surprise you ...

9. A Messier Messer

A Messier Messer
Apparently, the dubious honor of Messiest Mom goes to Leah Messer. One producer says the situation in Leah's home got so bad that he refused to continue filming there.

10. Big Yikes

Big Yikes
He recalled one revolting incident in which Leah's kids searched her "nasty carpet" for discarded cheese puffs and other snacks they could eat. Yeah ... pretty freakin' gross.

11. A Sad Backstory

A Sad Backstory
The producer didn't answer any follow-up questions, but many fans theorized that the incident took place during the period of time in which Leah was struggling with an addiction to prescription painkillers.

12. Kail the Quitter

Kail the Quitter
Speaking of Leah, it seems her current BFF Kailyn Lowry nearly quit the show before the two of them even met.

13. Walking Away

Walking Away
Kail was reportedly so upset by the possibility that she would be portrayed as "disloyal" to then-boyfriend Jo Rivera that she nearly cut ties with the show during her first season of filming.

14. Raking It In

Raking It In
Ten years and two more baby daddies later, Kail is still raking in big bucks as one of the original cast members on Teen Mom 2.

15. Not Bad For a Few Months' Work

Not Bad For a Few Months' Work
While we're on the topic of salaries, you might be surprised by which Teen Mom star signed the most lucrative contract.

16. Big Bucks Bristol

Big Bucks Bristol
Bristol Palin was paid the most for a first season on the show. Producers say she agreed to a salary of $250,000, and she would have been paid $350,000 had she made it through three seasons.

17. Couldn't Hack It

Couldn't Hack It
Alas, Bristol quit after just one season on the show. The Teen Mom life is not for everyone!

18. It's All About Who You Know ...

It's All About Who You Know ...
Obviously, Bristol landed the gig because her mother nearly became vice president, but some of the other moms were helped by their family connections, as well.

19. A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born
For example, Amber was connected with producers by her brother Shawn, who was starring on a short-lived MTV reality show called Underage and Engaged.

20. All Downhill

All Downhill
Amber was cast on 16 and Pregnant, then Teen Mom ... and that's when the trouble began.

21. High All the Time

High All the Time
"I was completely lost back then," Portwood told Dr. Phil of her early years on the show. "I had this money. I had these pills. I had this crazy life ... Every time you see me on that show, I was high, except for when I was on 16 and Pregnant."

22. Coping Mechanisms

Coping Mechanisms
Amber says that she would deal with the stress of fame by getting high, noting that she would even party with the paparazzi who often staked out her home.

23. A Rapid Descent

A Rapid Descent
Producers say Amber fought a woman in an iHop and got kicked out of a Wal-Mart for being drunk and disorderly during filming. She eventually hit rock bottom and wound up doing time in prison.

24. Match Made In Prison

Match Made In Prison
Producers say Amber hoped her experiences behind bars would help her land a cameo role on Orange Is the New Black, but that never came to fruition.

25. Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide
Producers had surprisingly little to say about Farrah Abraham, but that could be because Farrah is such an absurd open book that she has no secrets.

26. Some Early Trickery

Some Early Trickery
They did note that she avoided being filmed at the funeral of her baby daddy, Derek Underwood, by lying to producers and telling them she wasn't going.

27. Two Peas In a Pod

Two Peas In a Pod
They also noted that Jenelle says she gained the confidence to go to a 16 and Pregnant casting call after she watched Farrah's episode of the Teen Mom precursor. That explains so very much.

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