90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Elicia BLASTS Jihoon Lee!

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's second season continues with Episode 12.

Drascilla was safe after running off in the dark ... but the same could not be said for Jihoon.

Viewers couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy after the way that Elicia Clegg excoriated him.

Kenneth and Armando celebrate their engagement and a relationship milestone ... but hint at troubles to come.

Jenny and Sumit are painting their apartment when Sumit drops a bombshell about his family.

A talk with Biniyam's family reminds him of how important some cultural milestones are ... but his religious differences with Ariela could be a real problem.

Finally, it's time for Brittany and Yazan to go back to his parents. Last time ended with yelling and tears.

1. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee
Last week, at the very end, Jihoon sat down Drascilla after a fun but busy day, and, being barely three years old and full of much more energy than impulse control, she darted forward in excitement. She could have ended up in traffic. Ultimately, her grandmother Elicia scooped her up.

2. Deavan was mad

Deavan was mad
Not at Drascilla (who is a child; zipping around is normal and you just talk to them about why it's unsafe) but, as Deavan explained to producers, at Jihoon, who let go of Drascilla and then, when they were chasing after Drascilla, seemed to have skewed priorities.

3. Jihoon was upset that she yelled

Jihoon was upset that she yelled
To the point of slowing down his pursuit of Drascilla to tell her to not yell at him. Folks, I personally would like to see non-emergency yelling made illegal (not jailable, just illegal), but even I thought that this was a situation where yelling was warranted.

4. Jihoon goes off to cope

Jihoon goes off to cope
South Koreans smoke cigarettes at a rate that is several times that of Americans, which is obviously very unfortunate. Jihoon uses it to cope with stress, which is an unhealthy coping mechanism AND, obviously, bad for him. He should either quit or he and Angela Deem could have their own stinky spinoff as they share cigarettes that she had stashed in her bra.

5. Elicia is downright furious

Elicia is downright furious
Honestly, we know that she was upset, but that is not appropriate to say around a 3-year-old. You talk to someone Drascilla's age calmly about why running off is dangerous, explain that you still love them, and later remind them about how scary it was when they ran off so they need to be sure to hold your hand so you won't get worried. You don't hold the child by yelling about their mortal danger once the crisis has passed.

6. It was a shock to Jihoon

It was a shock to Jihoon
He and his mom initially seemed more taken aback by how loud Deavan and Elicia were than by anything else.

7. But ...

But ...
The thing is that Jihoon needs to be responsible as a parent. Unlike Deavan, he is very new to this. Many of us with extensive childcare experience may take for granted that we understand the dangers to watch out for. Jihoon does not. He's still learning.

8. He and Deavan cry about it

He and Deavan cry about it
Some things are difficult to translate, but Deavan explains why she was in such a state of distress. Drascilla was okay this time, but this makes her worry that Jihoon is not prepared for the responsibilities of being a father.

9. Jihoon takes responsibility

Jihoon takes responsibility
That's the first step towards becoming a responsible person.

10. But that wasn't enough

But that wasn't enough
Later, Elicia lectures Jihoon -- dramatically and angrily -- putting the fear of Clegg into him over the importance of not letting your child slip away. This was a very dramatic moment ... and msot fans agree, a bit much.

11. But Jihoon didn't disagree with his mother in law

But Jihoon didn't disagree with his mother in law
He says that she was right, that it was his fault. Again, that is part of learning and growing and improving. Next week, it looks like it will be Deavan's turn to disappoint her MIL.

12. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio
Fresh after their engagement, Kenneth and Armando go to dinner with a few others -- they sit down with Kenneth's daughters (the two who could make it) and two of Armando's friends, an older couple who were supportive of him after he came out.

13. Armando CANNOT stop smiling!!!

Armando CANNOT stop smiling!!!
He is SO happy. He also just kissed Kenneth in public for the very first time, which was a great milestone for them but also a little nerve-wracking for Armando, after the fact.

14. Armando explains

Armando explains
He has real concerns about being called slurs or even facing violence in retaliation for their relationship. And he explains that he is proud of his engagement to Kenneth, but delicately expresses that he wants his parents to meet Kenneth BEFORE they find out that they are engaged. Baby steps.

15. Kenneth understands

Kenneth understands
He loves Armando. He is committed to helping raise Hannah. Of course he wants Armando to live as his authentic self, to have a "love wins" attitude, but he also gets that he's put Armando in a tough spot. Kenneth was there himself, but it was decades ago.

16. Jenny Slatten and Sumit

Jenny Slatten and Sumit
They are painting Sumit's mostly empty, kind of terrible apartment. Sumit went to the paint store and brought paint ... sort of. As Sumit explains, he has to mix the coloring into the paint himself. He gets a literal stick from outside to stir the paint. Then, when that doesn't do the job well, he uses his hand. Jenny cannot relate.

17. They get to painting

They get to painting
Sumit announces that his parents are ready to talk, according to his brother.

18. That's not necessarily good news

That's not necessarily good news
At first, Jenny is worried that his parents will be coming there. That's not the case. Then, her worry is that they might prevent Sumit from leaving their home in order to keep them apart.

19. Sumit HOPES not

Sumit HOPES not
He knows that nothing is guaranteed, but he hopes that they are not planning to kidnap their adult son.

20. Jenny has some trauma in this regard

Jenny has some trauma in this regard
Though she met Sumit's parents many years ago, back before Sumit was married, her last encounter with his family was when they showed up to confront Sumit. She admits that she has some trauma in that regard.

21. Sumit hopes that his parents love him enough to give their blessing

Sumit hopes that his parents love him enough to give their blessing
He is hoping that his parents will realize that they can't stop him from being with Jenny, and will love him enough and care about his happiness enough to endorse him marrying her.

22. For now ...

For now ...
The two step back and admire the first coat of paint on their wall. They are way too broke to hire painters, but we hope that they both know that multiple layers will be needed. Also, an undercoat of paint is usually a good idea.

23. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre
Biniyam meets up with three of his siblings who want to speak with him about his relationship.

24. They want to find out if history will repeat itself

They want to find out if history will repeat itself
Biniyam was married before. They are nervous if the same problems will arise again. For example, is Ariela jealous over Biniyam's dancing with his ex? The answer is yes, but so far it's not really a relationship problem. So far.

25. He gets the vibe

He gets the vibe
His family does not trust Ariela. He thinks that they think that Biniyam is once again setting himself up for disappointment.

26. He's right about that

He's right about that
They say, to the camera, that they would prefer that Biniyam be with an Ethiopian woman.

27. They ask if Ariela is really embracing the culture

They ask if Ariela is really embracing the culture
These questions of culture and faith are an excellent prelude to the rest of Biniyam's story this episode.

28. Biniyam wants his son baptized

Biniyam wants his son baptized
That is obviously a divisive topic. Those of us with very different beliefs may feel that a baptism is a harmless milestone that is important to others, or we might feel that it is making promises on behalf of a baby that violate's one's child's autonomy, and that true faith -- or a soul itself -- cannot be pledged by another party, but has to be a personal belief. Ariela is Jewish, but knows that Biniyam thinks that it is important for their child to be baptized in Orthodox Christianity.

29. So ...

So ...
Today is a learning opportunity, as Biniyam and Ariela go to church. Biniyam puts Ariela in a covering, one common in Orthodox Christianity.

30. The church really stands out

The church really stands out
It is interesting to watch them walk past walls that are in a state of disrepair and what looks like extreme poverty only to approach a church that wouldn't be out of place anywhere in the US.

31. Ariela is a fish out of water

Ariela is a fish out of water
Not only is this not her faith nor her house of worship, but she does not speak the language, so Biniyam and the priest speak and she just listens without understanding.

32. Biniyam wants to make sure that it will work out

Biniyam wants to make sure that it will work out
He wants his son baptized, which Ariela has agreed to because it's really important to Biniyam. She is the child of an interfaith marriage herself.

33. Say WHAT now??

Say WHAT now??
The priest doesn't just say "both parents must be Christians for their child to do this," but instead suggests that non-Christian lactation is the real problem. Maybe it's a cultural expression that is not translating? Anyway, when Biniyam explains that to Ariela, she manages to keep a straight face, which is genuinely impressive.

34. The bottom line is

The bottom line is
Ariela would also have to undergo a baptism into Orthodox Christianity in order for their child to be. That is not something that Ariela is okay with. She already has a religion.

35. This REALLY matters to Biniyam

This REALLY matters to Biniyam
It's sometimes easy for those of us with different beliefs to forget, but for some Christians, rituals like baptisms aren't just traditions and cultural milestones, but essentially life-or-death decisions within their belief systems. We do not have to share Biniyam's beliefs or agree with the baptism of children in order to respect Biniyam's sincerely held beliefs.

36. Ariela is not down to convert

Ariela is not down to convert
Biniyam would like for her to, and wants this for their son, but he also stresses that he does not want for them to have religious conflict, or to fight over religion.

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