90 Day Fiance Stars: Where Are They Now?

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90 Day Fiance stars and couples aren't always cast on the show for love.

Sometimes, they are cast because there is obviously something else going on.

Sometimes, they are cast because one or both members of a couple are absurdly dramatic.

Other times, couples are cast because they are disasters waiting to happen.

Naturally, some couples stay together and some break up, but there are so many that it can be hard to keep track.

Here's a look at some of the most famous (and even some obscure and forgotten) couples and whether they got their happily ever afters.

Where are they now?

1. Ashley Martson and Jay Smith

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith
One of 90 Day Fiance's messiest couples, and that is saying a lot. Ashley and Jay met in Jamaica, and they fell in love and were making plans to marry before Ashley found out that Jay was only 19. They powered through that and Jay's general horniness and got married in the US on 90 Day Fiance ... followed days later by Ashley catching Jay video chatting with a girl he'd met on Tinder, which he downloaded right after their wedding. Ashley gave him a second chance. Jay boned a random woman in the bathroom at his buddy's barbershop. Ashley kicked him out but, 11 days after she filed for divorce, gave him a third chance. A few months later, Ashley discovered that Jay had a mistress and kicked him to the curb. Months later, after he spent most of July 2019 behind bars and then got back with his mistress-turned-girlfriend, Ashley gave Jay a fourth chance. Naturally, he cheated again, this time with one of his side pieces claiming to be pregnant. And yet, in March of 2020, Ashley revealed that they were back together. A fifth chance.

2. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
After multiple years and multiple seasons on 90 Day Fiance, Angela and Michael were married in Nigeria in January 2020 -- a wedding that will air on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5. Angela "called off" the wedding more than once, but whatever is keeping this relationship together apparently lasted long enough for them to marry. Fans continue to worry about Michael's well being after seeing the unacceptable way that Angela treats him.

3. Paul Staehle and Karine Martins

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins
This longtime 90 Day Fiance couple got married and had a child together. Wanting a better life for themselves but especially for baby Pierre, the two moved to Paul's hometown in Kentucky. They have had many breakups and reconciliations. At one point, Paul accused Karine of leaving him for another man. Another time, he announced that she had fled to Brazil. In May 2020, it was revealed that Karine is pregnant with Baby #2. At the end of July 2020, Paul and Karine had an intense fight that led to police being called. Karine took out a restraining order against Paul -- not the first time that an ex has taken legal action against him. She accused him of abusing her, spying on her, and refusing to allow her to leave the house.

4. Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha
This couple is one of the most hated in 90 Day Fiance history, and Leida consistently makes the short list for most reviled star because of the way that fans saw her alienate Eric from his teenage daughter, Tasha, which culminated in Leida getting Eric to kick Tasha out of her own apartment. The feud did not end there, with Leida taking out a restraining order against Tasha, hurting the latter's employment chances. The two did reportedly reconcile, bonding over shared interests. Eric, unfortunately, has not endeared himself to fans in his time since being on the show, voicing abhorrent political views. Still, fans hope that Tasha can have a normal relationship one day with her father -- if she even wants that.

5. Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova
These two met as a pair of hot young people while Olga was on vacation. Just two weeks after their fling, Olga learned that she was pregnant. Despite some major hiccups, from Steven's upsetting tone of voice when speaking to Olga to lying about filing for the K-1 visa, Olga did come to the US with their baby, and they were married in August 2019.

6. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa
Kalani met Asuelu on vacation with her family. She had never had sex before, but she was thirsty enough for Asuelu that he became her first. She got pregnant and the two decided to marry. Because Asuelu believes that condoms are "for slut people," Kalani became pregnant again. Oliver's little brother, Kennedy, was born in May 2019. The two of them have had their share of struggles, but are overall a widely liked couple. Also, Kalani's sister Kolini is a fan-favorite.

7. Fernanda Flores

Fernanda Flores
By the end of 2018, Fernanda had left Jonathan Rivera despite their romantic story of falling in love and then getting married. Months later, she spoke up, accusing Jonathan of basically being a disaster (leaving bills unpaid, that sort of thing) and of abuse. Fernanda has moved on, working in Chicago, and has even dipped her toes back into the world of dating (but only very carefully, given the COVID-19 pandemic)

8. Jonathan Rivera

Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan moved on from Fernanda and began dating again. In the summer of 2020, Jonathan proposed to Janelle Miller, and she said yes. The two of them shared their engagement photos.

9. Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou
Nicole Nafziger is a single mom in Florida. Azan Tefou (whose real name is Hassan M'Raouni) is her longtime, albeit long-distance, love. Due to difficulties in securing his K-1 visa, he has not been able to come to the US, and Nicole hopes to one day marry him in Morocco and then secure a spousal visa for him. In March 2020, Nicole embarked on a planned two-week vacation to see him in person for the first time in years. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, she ended up effectively stuck in Morocco ... for five months, returning to Florida in early August.

10. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio
Kenneth and Armando first met on a forum for gay dads. Kenneth, who is a couple of decades older than Armando, was the father of four adult children. Armando, a Mexican man who has lived most of his life in the closet due to his conservative family, is the father of a young daughter, Hannah. Kenneth moved to Mexico to be with Armando. The two are still living together, and became instant fan-favorites for their genuine and heartwrenching love story.

11. David and Annie Toborowsky

David and Annie Toborowsky
This 90 Day Fiance fan favorite couple shows that even dramatic age differences can work out. They are still very much together, and are known for often engaging with fans on social media as well as providing commentary in interviews and on Pillowtalk. We cannot get enough of these two!

12. Russ and Paola Mayfield

Russ and Paola Mayfield
Russ and Paola have had a number of issues. Russ' weird jealousy over Paola's modeling work. Russ' desire to live in Oklahoma. Paola's post-partum issues that had everyone on edge. Paola's desire to live in a city where she can work and have friends. In the wee hours of January 1, 2019, Paola gave birth to Axel Mayfield. The two are still together and remain a popular if also polarizing couple.

13. Colt Johnson

Colt Johnson
This 90 Day Fiance villain rose to fame for his toxic marriage with Larissa Dos Santos Lima ... and for his codependent relationship with his mother, Debbie. Colt moved on from Larissa to Jess Caroline, another Brazilian model. They broke up in late summer 2019, and Colt ended up in a relationship with a beautiful Mexican fitness trainer. Reportedly, he cheated on her with his "friend," Vanessa, whose friendship and his lies surrounding it also interfered with his romance with Jess.

14. Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Larissa Dos Santos Lima
Larissa Lima is quite the character, so it is no surprise that she is one of the most polarizing 90 Day Fiance stars in the history of the show. She moved on from Colt and got with Eric Nichols, a total upgrade who is somehow as dramatic as she is. The two have had an on-and-off relationship since February 2019, and are currently together.

15. Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester
Tania was a hot American vacationing in South Africa. Syngin was a hot bartender. One day, he just brought her home and introduced her to his roommates. They might not have liked her at first, but Syngin couldn't get enough of their intense new sex life. Though all parties involved admit that they married quickly, they went through with it, but ended up spending more time in Connecticut than they had planned after Tania's horrific car accident left her with very little mobility fo ran extended period. Despite some issues on the part of them both, Tania and Syngin are still together. Honestly? A lot of people don't like them together, but a lot of us are rooting for them so long as they're both happy.

16. Kirlyam and Alan Cox

Kirlyam and Alan Cox
These sweethearts are a CLASSIC favorite couple. They are loving parents together and they are also (and, for some of us, relatably) huge nerds, dressing up for big movie careers and pleasantly engaging with fans and with current 90 Day Fiance stars. They're a great reminder that some couples go on 90 Day Fiance looking for, you know, love.

17. Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio
Despite their age gap and some issues getting a visa, this couple is a rare example of an age gap working out well. In fact, Michael's ex-wife was the one who officiated their wedding ceremony. So far, the only known issue in their marriage was Big Ed Brown creepily trying to slide into Juliana's DMs, but that wasn't an issue for them -- just an annoyance.

18. Big Ed Brown

Big Ed Brown
The conspicuously short photographer set out to become famous and he seemed to get his wish, as his absurd on-screen antics on 90 Day Fiance led to him being memed far and wide. His on-screen treatment of Rosemarie Vega, a young single mom living in abject poverty, has led to many fans being sick of him. He grilled her about her sexual history, demanded that she take an STI test, body-shamed her over leg hair, falsely shamed her dental hygiene, and worst of all, spent months lying to her about his true intentions, wasting her time. Ed seems to love the spotlight, though, so we wouldn't be surprised if we end up seeing him again.

19. Rosemarie Vega

Rosemarie Vega
As for Rosemarie, life handed her a bizarre and mayonnaise slathered pile of lemons, but she's doing her best to make it into lemonade. She launched a YouTube channel and appears to be trying to use her brief window of fame from 90 Day Fiance to secure her own and her son's financial futures. We wish her the very best of luck.

20. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee
Jihoon got Deavan pregnant with Taeyang on their first night together. The couple decided to try to make it work. Jihoon proposed to Deavan and she embarked on her journey to move to South Korea. Jihoon is like a father to Deavan's toddler, Drascilla. But Jihoon's inexperience and previous lack of responsibility make it hard to adjust to hm being a good partner and father, leaving Deavan to have doubts about their marriage. Despite rumors to the contrary, Deavan and Jihoon are still together, and Deavan (and possibly Jihoon) ended up in an extended stay in the US during a visit due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

21. Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno
The first -- but not the last -- 90 Day Fiance stars to land their very own spinoff, Chantel and Pedro are constantly fighting ... to defend their marriage to their respective families. The two are believed to still be married, but are often mum for extended periods of time on social media ... likely because they don't want to spoil any surprises on The Family Chantel.

22. Mike and Aziza Eloshway

Mike and Aziza Eloshway
These two met on a language learning website and ended up falling in love. Aziza gave birth in January 2019 to Olivia Joan. The couple remains married.

23. Evelyn Cormier and David Vázquez Zermeño

Evelyn Cormier and David Vázquez Zermeño
Evelyn is also recognized for her time on American Idol, but first, she was on 90 Day Fiance. A fiercely conservative Christian with a perceived mean streak, she claims to have met David when she was 18, courting the older man over social media and then marrying him in October 2017. However, some social media evidence suggests that the two may have started chatting years earlier, which is troubling.

24. Jorge Nava

Jorge Nava
Jorge and Anfisa got married despite Jorge's dishonesty about his money, despite Anfisa's perceived gold digging, and despite Anfisa's on-camera attempt to hit Jorge. However, in 2018, Jorge reported to prison for a 2-and-a-half year sentence for marijuana possession (he was in Arizona, where it is still illegal). During that time, Anfisa allegedly ghosted him, breaking off contact. Jorge says that this was over jealousy over how much attention he gained for losing 128 pounds in prison. Jorge was released after less than two years, in May 2020, and has set about putting his life back together, getting a new girlfriend and filing to divorce his ex.

25. Anfisa Arkhipchenko

Anfisa Arkhipchenko
After Jorge went to prison, Anfisa continued as a full time student, aiming to get her business degree. She also sculpted her body and entered a bodybuilding competition -- the bikini portion -- and WON. While Jorge was in jail, she hooked up with a new man, but months later, the two split.

26. Anna Campisis and Mursel Mistanoglu

Anna Campisis and Mursel Mistanoglu
The two of them bonded over their shared love of beekeeping, and it was enough to overcome language barriers and obstacles thrown up by both of their families. The two are married and, together, run Anna's business, Beauty And The Bees Honey.

27. Narkyia and Olulowo Lathan-Shodipe

Narkyia and Olulowo Lathan-Shodipe
Olulowo meeting Narkyia on a dating site for plus size women and then lying to her about being a Nigerian Prince was not exactly the best start to their relationship. But despite their initial breakup, the two got back together and were married in February 2017. On Instagram, Narkyia revealed that she is expecting a baby girl in September 2020.

28. Erika Owens

Erika Owens
Things did not work out well at all for 90 Day Fiance's first-ever same-sex couple, as Erika and Stephanie did not get along nearly as well in person as they did online. Erika has however happily moved on and has a boyfriend who is as fun and colorful as she is.

29. Stephanie Matto

Stephanie Matto
Stephanie unwittingly ended up being one of her season's villains after she clashed with Erika in person despite their much more pleasant long-distance relationship, Stephanie continues to be an avid user of social media and a vlogger, however. We're sure that she'll find a new love -- though she may not want them to watch her season before they get to know her.

30. Chelsea Macek and Yamir Castillo

Chelsea Macek and Yamir Castillo
The two met in Nicaragua and together moved into Chelsea's parents' home in the US. A month and a half after they tied the knot, Chelsea filed for divorce -- because Yamir wanted to pursue his music career in Chicago. Wow.

31. Evelyn and Justin Halas

Evelyn and Justin Halas
Evelyn and Justin are still married! In early 2020, the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child together. Evelyn wrote in mid August that she is in the final weeks of her pregnancy and looking forward to welcoming their baby boy!

32. Danielle Mullins

Danielle Mullins
One of the stars credited with really putting 90 Day Fiance on the map, Danielle is a polarizing figure. Some fans love her. Some fans think that she's just the worst. Others think that she's kind of weird and maybe a little sad. She and Mohamed Jbali are very much done, and their divorce was so contentious that Danielle vocally tried to have Mohamed deported. She is still fighting back against rumors over her alleged genital odor that Mohamed started, and he also accused her of spending money in his name during their marriage. Despite everything, the two are apparently on friendly terms now.

33. Mohamed Jbali

Mohamed Jbali
Accused of cheating on Danielle and of not meeting her demands for sex at any time except once to consummate the marriage, there was a time when fans feared that Mohamed Jbali would be deported to Tunisia if Danielle got her way. She did not. Mohamed moved to Texas after the divorce, working there for years before launching his career of driving a truck.

34. Emily Larina and Sasha Larin

Emily Larina and Sasha Larin
Though the two share their son, David, some fans may be surprised that Emily and Sasha are still married. After all, Sasha was hot, but the man they saw on 90 Day Fiance was often rude and even controlling, and they worried that Emily would soon end up like his previous two baby mamas -- an ex. But Emily wrote on social media that the Sasha that fans saw was not the real man, that he is a generous and loving man. Emily is beloved by fans, and often engages with the cast of the show on Instagram.

35. Loren and Alexei Brovarnik

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik
2020 was a huge year for this fan-favorite couple. First, Alexei secured his official US citizenship -- after years of waiting. Second, and frankly more importantly, the couple welcomed the birth of their baby boy, Shai, on April 14, 2020.

36. Molly Hopkins

Molly Hopkins
Molly met the hot and much younger Luis Mendez while on vacation in Nicaragua. One thing led to another and they ended up married ... but not for long. These days, Molly is a recurring guest on Pillowtalk and continues to promote her clothing business on social media.

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