Catelynn Lowell Shares Troubling Message: Is She Going Back to Rehab?

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There's no denying that Catelynn Lowell has had a rough go at it, right?

She grew up with an extremely dysfunctional family-- like, she started dating Tyler Baltierra in middle school and then his father married her mother, making them stepsiblings.

She's been through quite a bit.

Because of all the trauma she's experienced, she's spent some time in treatment centers, working on her mental health.

Most recently, she spent six weeks at a rehab facility in Arizona back in the winter, and then another six weeks shortly after that.

But judging by some concerning new posts she's made to social media recently, it looks like she could be headed back for another go.

1. Poor Catelynn

Poor Catelynn
How much is too much for one 26-year-old woman to go through? Ask Catelynn, she'd probably tell you.

2. Seriously

Does she have the worst backstory out of all the Teen Mom crew? Yeah, maybe. She grew up with an alcoholic mother who, when she wasn't being emotionally abusive herself, allowed boyfriends to abuse her. Throw in the obvious trauma she experienced after Carly's adoption, it's a wonder she held it together as long as she did.

3. The Beginning

The Beginning
Although she had such a difficult childhood, Catelynn's big mental health struggles began after she gave birth to Nova in 2015. She had postpartum depression, and as we saw on Teen Mom OG, it was tough for her to even get out of bed some days.

4. So Sad

So Sad
She stopped taking care of herself, we saw her wearing the same clothes in several different scenes, and it seemed like a chore for her to do anything besides lie in bed or sit on the couch. Because depression is rude like that.

5. All Because of a Pig

All Because of a Pig
Over a year after she had Nova, she was still dealing with all of this, and at one point, she decided to get a pet pig, but apparently she didn't think it through, because caring for the animal was way too much for her. Something about the way she felt then was enough to make her realize that she needed help, and that's when she went off to rehab for the first time.

6. Making Progress?

Making Progress?
She spent roughly a month at the treatment center in Arizona before returning home, but unfortunately, her stay there wasn't a total fix -- as we saw on the show, she was still very obviously depressed afterwards.

7. Divorce?!

And while Tyler had been understanding for a long time, he really began to struggle after that. At one point, he even told her that he wondered if he wasn't part of the problem -- this was one of the first times the idea of possibly splitting up was discussed.

8. Doing All Right

Doing All Right
Things were OK for a bit -- they weren't great, but Cate was able to get out of bed, at least. Things carried on this way until last fall, when she surprised Tyler by putting a "Big Sister" shirt on Nova to let him know that she was pregnant.

9. Big Changes

Big Changes
They told their families, they shared the news with the MTV crew, but shortly after that, she had a miscarriage. MTV didn't air much of whatever footage they may have shot during that specific time, thank goodness, but we did hear Tyler say that after it happened, they "just sat in the bed and cried and just held each other."

10. Heartbreaking

He cried about it, and later he said that they felt like even though the pregnancy ended the way it did, they still felt like they were grieving the loss of a child. It was obviously extremely difficult for him, but Catelynn actually became suicidal after it happened.

11. Back to Arizona

Back to Arizona
He took her back to the treatment center in Arizona, where she spent six weeks dealing with everything -- she did go home for a day or two, but she quickly returned to finish her program.

12. Again, Poor Catelynn

Again, Poor Catelynn
We saw her come home just after Christmas on Teen Mom OG, but like her last stay in rehab, she still seemed very down. Eventually she explained to Tyler that she still wasn't feeling right, and she told him she thought it would be best to go back for another six weeks so she could get her medications sorted.

13. Not So Supportive

Not So Supportive
Tyler tried his best to understand where she was coming from, but he didn't understand why she wouldn't at least try to get treatment closer to home first before leaving her family for another six weeks. He tried to talk to her about it, but she shut it down, already having made her decision.

14. Trouble in Paradise(ish)

Trouble in Paradise(ish)
Catelynn told him that maybe he should just leave her because she was so messed up, and later he told his sister that Cate was reminding him of his absent father -- some pretty harsh words -- and that maybe they weren't right for each other anymore. It was the closest we've ever come to seeing them split.

15. Another Six Weeks

Another Six Weeks
But she left anyway, and she completed another six weeks of treatment before coming home in March, and she's been back with her family ever since, working on their new house and presumably filming the next season of the show.

16. Awww!

She's been spending a lot of time with Nova, judging by her Instagram posts, and it also looks like she and Tyler are doing well, judging by some bragging she's done over his new physique.

17. And Yet ...

And Yet ...
So why do we feel like she may be headed back to rehab?

18. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Catelynn share this quote on Instagram, and as you can see, it's not the most uplifting mesage.

19. Scared of What?!

Scared of What?!
Her caption wasn't any better -- there, she wrote "I’m so scared right now... but I know that everything that is supposed to happen will happen... whatever my destiny is will be.... I got this..... I’m strong...."

20. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Honestly, what she wrote sounded like the mantra she repeated to herself immediately before checking into rehab -- "I'm beautiful, I'm smart, I'm strong."

21. Also This

Also This
The next day, she shared this quote, and while it's still concerning, at least it's hopeful.

22. More Sadness?

More Sadness?
So what could be going on? What's making her feel scared and nervous, what's making her feel the need to explain what a good person she is, despite her flaws?

23. Rehab?

A lot of people seem to think that this could mean she's headed back to rehab again -- the vast majority of the comments she received were from people urging her to stay strong in her battle against depression, and the cattier commenters wrote things like "Hell...just go back to depression rehab or wtf-ever it is. 15th time’s the charm!"

24. Pregnant?

Another popular guess is that she's pregnant again. She and Tyler have said that they still want to try to have more children, even after the miscarriage, and it would make sense that she'd be scared after what happened last time.

25. Oh, Girl ...

Oh, Girl ...
Whatever's going on, it's clear that it's weighing on her pretty heavily. Here's hoping she gets less scared soon!

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