Teen Mom 2 Season Finale: All the Magical, Soul-Crushing and WTF Moments

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Two members of the fab five celebrated their weddings during the epic season finale of Teen Mom 2 on Monday, November 6.

Unfortunately, not everyone was in a joyous mood.

One cast member got into it with her ex in an altercation that will likely result in major consequences when custody decisions are made.

Another welcomed a new life into the world, but quickly faced the complicated reality of a potentially MIA father and an unhappy ex.

Can you guess who we're talking about in that case?

Join THG below as we break down the highlights - and lowlights - from the finale of an incredible season and look ahead to the next.

1. First Day of School!

First Day of School!
Briana DeJesus' older daughter Nova had her first day of school, and the family decided to go out to lunch to celebrate. That sounded like a great idea, except for the issue of Nova's father ...

2. Out to Lunch

Out to Lunch
Briana decided to be the bigger person and invite Devoin Austin out to lunch, even though he is out to lunch in a different sense - she just filed for child support from him. The good part is that he showed up for said meal. The bad part is ... everything else.

3. Oh, You're Mr. Responsible Now?

Oh, You're Mr. Responsible Now?
When Devoin - who has quite the checkered past - brought up the fact that he is currently working two jobs, Briana just lost her s--t, because "there’s no reason that he has two jobs and he doesn’t help me with Nova." She raises a valid point ...

4. No Respect

No Respect
Devoin countered that he's getting the short end of the stick here, because Briana does nothing but disrespect him; Austin claims she asks for money but he gets no custody of Nova whatsoever and can only see her at her school or other public settings. "If you look at my scenes on TV I'm not talking shit about this woman. All she do is talk shit," he said. "First thing she said about me, 'my baby daddy sucks ass.' Get out of here! You don't even know what it's like to have a dad. That's a fact!"

5. Roxanne Goes Ham

Roxanne Goes Ham
Briana’s mom, Roxanne DeJesus, has never been to hold back when it comes to Devoin (or anything else), and when she got involved here, the situation took an ugly turn. “Shut the f–k up, motherf–ker,” she screamed, making an incredibly awkward scene in public, standing over the restaurant booth as the downtrodden baby daddy flipped her off. That's one way to celebrate the first day of school ...

6. The Fallout

The Fallout
It remains to be seen if Devoin will ever be back in Briana's good graces, or if he'll ever have joint custody of his daughter, but if this was their attempt at being "civil" last night ... then wow. "I'm actually excited about that child support thing, I can't wait. What the judge says has to go," he said. "He can give me any number in the world, I don't care. I'll do it, as long as that comes with some rights and stuff, some time with [Nova]. You feel me?" Yeah, this makes Jenelle's life look stable. Speaking of Jenelle ...

7. Here Comes the Bride ... After All That

Here Comes the Bride ... After All That
Jenelle Evans and David Eason finally had their fairy tale wedding after almost calling it off the night before the nuptials, as seen during last week’s episode. That's not to say there weren't some dark clouds hanging over the big day ...

8. The Uninvited

The Uninvited
Those who follow Teen Mom 2 and Jenelle's life on social media know who deliberately did not get one of these invites. Barbara Evans, her mother, was conspicuously absent from the big day, despite raising Jenelle's first child Jace and being so close - albeit sometimes combative - with her daughter for her entire life. Would either Evans offer an olive branch and patch things up given the milestone about to occur in North Carolina?

9. The Line in the Sand

The Line in the Sand
"My mom's not coming, she's not invited," Jenelle revealed. "I wish I could have a mom there ... I have no family coming. It's all friends. And you disapprove of David? That's the real reason. You don't like David so why would you come to the wedding?"

10. Her Side of the Story

Her Side of the Story
Barbara Evans was extremely upset that she wasn’t invited, but refused to beg, or to try to make up with David Eason to resolve her relationship for her daughter's sake, because she believed she had done nothing wrong. “David has alienated [Jenelle] from me,” Barbara said. “She chose David over her own family. That's how it is. That's how she always does. Until David comes up to me and apologizes to me... the only key that I have to fix this relationship is to hand over Jace. I'm doing whatever is in his best interest. I'm not getting along with David. Period. I will not."

11. What, Did She Back Out?

What, Did She Back Out?
David Eason was kidding when he said this prior to Jenelle walking down the aisle ... but given this couple's history, one could be forgiven for wondering if he was 10 percent serious.

12. Mr. and Mrs. Eason!

Mr. and Mrs. Eason!
Despite the misgivings of Barbara, and frankly everyone else who is remotely familiar with her life, Jenelle tied the knot with David as scheduled that day. "You look so beautiful, babe," the emotional groom told his blushing bride after they said their vows. Congratulations?

13. Expecting Again ... Already?!

Expecting Again ... Already?!
Almost immediately after the ceremony, fans began to speculate that Jenelle Evans - who just welcomed a baby girl with David within the last year - was pregnant again, which would be her fourth child. Please, please no.

14. One Proud Mama!

One Proud Mama!
Leah Messer's girls are growing up! Her three daughters, Addie, Ali, and Aleeah, were all off to school on the season finale! The girls gushed over how much they love it, so that was a breath of fresh air after all that Ms. Messer has been through. Her youngest, Addie, had her first day of pre-school - they are growing up so fast!

15. Kids ... They Grow Up So Fast!

Kids ... They Grow Up So Fast!
Seriously, when did Addie become a preschooler?! (She's really becoming the spitting image of her father too, isn't she?)

16. Where's Daddy?

Where's Daddy?
Addie's father, Jeremy Calvert, was unable to make it for her first day. He was probably busy laying pipe somewhere. We're serious, he's a pipeline engineeer. He also likes to rant on Instagram, as Teen Mom 2 superfans have probably noticed in recent months.

17. One Year Later, Even Better

One Year Later, Even Better
One year after they tied the knot, Chelsea Houska and Cole Deboer finally had their wedding reception and it was beautiful - as beautiful as they are. Are they not the cutest couple?!

18. The Right Decision

The Right Decision
“I think I would’ve been so miserable if we would’ve done this last year,” she said, given that she was pregnant with this little guy (Watson Cole) at the time. Houska's decision to get married last year and celebrate with a big reception on her one-year anniversary turned out to be the right call - and a great time for all.

19. Not a Dry Eye in the House

Not a Dry Eye in the House
The most touching moment of the wedding came when Houska's daughter Aubree surprised her mother and stepfather with a recording of her talking about how much she loves them and how thankful she was that they were getting married. Maybe the single sweetest moment of the entire franchise's history.

20. I Love You, Cole

I Love You, Cole
"Cole, I love you 'cause you're so happy and nice. I'm happy you're marrying my mom because you both are the same people. Thank you for making my mom so happy. Thank you for giving me my little brother. Thank you for taking care of me and putting me first. Mom, Cole, I love you." - Aubree. (Is it dusty in here?!)

21. Welcome to the World, Baby Lo!

Welcome to the World, Baby Lo!
Kailyn Lowry finally gave birth to her third child, who she would later name Lux Russell Lowry, but originally was simply "Baby Lo," and her kids - sons Lincoln and Isaac - couldn’t be happier to have a new brother. Sadly for Kailyn, there was a lot to worry about this week in addition to a lot to celebrate.

22. This Could've Been Ours!

This Could've Been Ours!
Lowry's ex-husband and Lincoln's father, Javi Marroquin, seemed more than a little upset that Kailyn was having another baby that wasn’t his - the father is Chris Lopez, who Kailyn had a brief relationship with at most, and this came on the heels of her telling Javi she didn't want any more kids. With him. “It’s just different emotions,” Javi said. “We would’ve had our third baby by now.”

23. 3 Brothers, 3 Dads

3 Brothers, 3 Dads
Seeing Isaac and Lincoln interacting with the baby for the first time was awkward for Javi; Marroquin has been a terrific presence in the life of her first-born son Isaac (whose father is Jo Rivera), and clearly saw himself as his father figure too. Not the case with Lux. He grew visibly uncomfortable when Kailyn said that Chris Lopez did a great job during the birth ... clearly these two are still grappling with the fallout from their divorce, and with another baby thrown into the mix, we haven't seen the last of the tension by a long shot.

24. Family Bonding

Family Bonding
They may not be the most conventional in many ways, but look at the love in this image. There's nothing more touching than that. Here's hoping that everyone involved in this blended family follows the lead of the young people and shares in the love and respect for the sake of the children - and one another.

25. Quote of the Night

Quote of the Night
"You have two babies? But there's another one in there." - Lincoln. "No, I'm just still fat. I'm just still really fat." - Kailyn. Kids say the funniest (most unintentionally inappropriate) things!

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