The Bachelor 2018 Cast: Meet the Women Wooing Arie Luyendyk!

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Yes, Bachelor Nation, it's that time of year again.

Arie Luyendyk has been named The Bachelor, five and a half years after finishing second on The Bachelorette on ABC.

And, thanks to The Bachelor spoilers, we already know the 29 women who will be competing for his heart come 2018.

Oh yes. Even though ABC has yet to release the standard, official blue-backdrop cast picture, we know their identities.

(We also know who Arie chooses, but we'll leave it up to you to decide how many spoilers you want to read right now.)

Meet the lucky Bachelor ladies of 2018 below!

1. Jessica Carroll

Jessica Carroll
Jessica, 26, is a Canadian-American on-camera host, digital entrepreneur, and dynamic social media personality with nearly 100,000 followers spanning across her media platforms, according to her website, which also boasts that she has gained the reputation of being an energetic and engaging host through her work for Hollyscoop, LA Live, Afterbuzz TV, and several other online platforms and TV shows including E! News. In other words, she is totally here to find love and not to promote her career in the entertainment industry whatsof--kingever.

2. Brittany Taylor

Brittany Taylor
Brittany works for a global technology giant that will remain nameless and lives in Austin, Texas. We tried searching for her on LinkedIn for more info for you but there are a lot of Brittany Taylors and we didn't want to show up under "People Who Viewed Your Profile" so we scrapped that.

3. Caroline Lunny

Caroline Lunny
At 25 years old, she's realtor from South Florida who is also a former Miss USA contestant.

4. Jenna Cooper

Jenna Cooper
A 29-year old fitness instructor from Raleigh, North Carolina. You can search YouTube for some of her workout videos.

5. Becca Kurfin

Becca Kurfin
Rebecca, who goes by Becca, is a 29-year old senior account executive. Her father sadly died eight years ago and her mom is a breast cancer survivor in remission.

6. Chelsea Roy

Chelsea Roy
A 29-year old University of Southern Maine graduate; she's single mom with a three-year-old son named Sammy.

7. Lauren Schleyer

Lauren Schleyer
A 31-year old resident of Dallas, she works as a social media manager for AT&T.

8. Maquel Cooper

Maquel Cooper
A 23-year old part-time model, she owns her own photography business in Utah and was previously married.

9. Valerie Biles

Valerie Biles
A 25-year old waitress and social media manager at a popular Tennessee restaurant.

10. Lauren Burnham

Lauren Burnham
At 25 years old, Lauren works in sales and has a degree in psychology.

11. Tia Booth

Tia Booth
The 26-year old is actually good frieidns with Bachelor in Paradise star Raven Gates. The Arkansas native works as a physical therapist.

12. Marikh Mathias

Marikh Mathias
This 27-year old is a model who hails from Salt Lake City, Utah.

13. Kendall Long

Kendall Long
This 26-year old worked as a set dressed, recently on the 10th anniversary special for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She also has a twin sister named Kylie. For real!

14. Bibiana Julian

Bibiana Julian
A 30-year old former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, who is now an executive assistant at MTV.

15. Seinne Fleming

Seinne Fleming
A 27-year old Yale graduate who works as an assistant property manager in Southern California.

16. Bri Amaranthus

Bri Amaranthus
A 25-year old digital reporter who graduated from the University of Oregon.

17. Jenna Delaney

Jenna Delaney
She's a 27-year old graphic designer. That's all we got right now.

18. Jacqueline Trumbull

Jacqueline Trumbull
Jackie works as a clinical research coordinator at Mt. Sinai in New York. She's looking for jobs in research and mental health.

19. Bekah Martinez

Bekah Martinez
Bekah (not to be confused with Bekah) is a nanny living and working in LA who recently got accepted to UC Irvine to major in art.

20. Lauren Jarreau

Lauren Jarreau
Lauren is 33 years and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She used to work in Vegas as a server at a luxury hotel, and has done some modeling, but moved back to Baton Rouge to pursue work in the psychological field.

21. Britt Johnson

Britt Johnson
Britt was on the same show that both Lucas and Blake from The Bachelorette were on, the "Ex Isle." Good to see that the Bachelor franchise is finding true diamonds in the rough who aren't in this for fame whatsoever.

22. Amber Wilkerson

Amber Wilkerson
This 29-year-old fashion blogger/spray tanner (seriously) hails from Denver, Colorado. Her Instagram handle is @everyonceinastyle and her claim to fame is not buttoning her tops. Just kidding, but nice pic Amber.

23. Annaliese Puccini

Annaliese Puccini
Annaliese Puccini is an actress/writer who lives in L.A.

24. Krystal Nielson

Krystal Nielson
Krystal Nielson went to Boise State for Communications, then went to UCLA for broadcasting with dreams of being an entertainment reporter. Instead, she found a passion in fitness and has competed in many fitness competitions. In other words she will whomp your a-- if you troll her on Twitter this season.

25. Ali Harrington

Ali Harrington
Ali, 25, went to the University of Oklahoma and works at the Trunk Club, a site that provides personal stylists for people. We like her style in the above photo at least.

26. Ashley Luebke

Ashley Luebke
Ashley, 25, works as a real estate agent in Palm Beach, Florida.

27. Nysha Norris

Nysha Norris
Nysha Norris, 30, is a nurse who lives in Anderson, S.C.

28. Olivia Goethals

Olivia Goethals
Olivia, 23, hails from Naperville, Ill., and works for Agency360, a marketing agency in Chicago. She played softball at North Central College.

29. Lauren G.

Lauren G.
The 29th girl is still a mystery. Lauren G. lives in California. Big surprise. Hopefully she will be revealed in the coming days.

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