Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Reunion: Will ANY of the Cast Be There?!

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Well, it's that time again.

Another Teen Mom 2 reunion is upon us, and usually, that means intense drama, awkward stare-downs, and maybe even some hair-pulling.

This year, however, we might end up with Dr. Drew Pinsky alone on stage with some crickets and tumbleweed.

Over the weekend, two of the moms took to Twitter to declare that they will not be attending the reunion.

And major questions remain about the attendance of at least one other.

Based on the tweets and the latest updates from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, here's everything we know so far about what's shaping up to be the most sparsely-attended reunion show in Teen Mom history:

1. Mom Drama

Mom Drama
Normally, this is the time when the ladies of Teen Mom 2 would be planning their descent on New York. But things are a little different this year ...

2. Disaster In Manhattan

Disaster In Manhattan
As you may recall, last year's reunion was something of a debacle. You might even call it an old-fashioned clusterf--k.

3. Showdowns

There was a tense stand-off between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus backstage, and Bri's sister Brittany later viciously yanked on Kail's hair.

4. And No-Shows

And No-Shows
Jenelle Evans, meanwhile, didn't even make the trip to NYC. Instead, Dr. Drew traveled to her home in North Carolina for an interview.

5. The 2019 Scene

The 2019 Scene
Naturally, fans are curious about who will be in attendance at this year's reunion. Unfortunately, the answer keeps changing.

6. Tea From Kail

Tea From Kail
“A little birdie told me briana isn’t going to the reunion. Which is funny cause I’m not either. Let’s see how this goes,” Kail tweeted over the weekend.

7. Confirmation?

“Lol what a f--king joke,” Bri later tweeted. “I will not be attending the reunion this year. Sorry guys!”

8. Avoiding Tension

Avoiding Tension
“Basically, Kail doesn’t want to be on stage with Briana, because she didn’t want it escalating like last time,” one production source tells The Ashley.

9. Probably For the Best

Probably For the Best
“Kail told [one of the executive producers] that she didn’t care about being on stage with Jenelle," the insider adds. "She was, however, nervous about being in the same city as [Jenelle’s husband] David [Eason]. She is legit scared that David could do something to her when they are off-set and at the hotels or whatever.”

10. Beef Everywhere

Beef Everywhere
“Briana also did not want to be on-stage with Kail,” the source adds.

11. Making Allowances

Making Allowances
“As of last week, the plan was for Kail to room in Jersey City, New Jersey; Jenelle to be in Philly and Briana to be in New York City, along with Chelsea and Leah,” another source says.

12. Making It Work?

Making It Work?
“The idea was that Jenelle would be driven from Philly by someone from the show and taken to set, so that David wouldn’t be able to attend at all, or even be in New York while Kail and the others were there. Kail and at least one other girl expressed that they felt unsafe with his lurking nearby the set or hotels," the informant adds.

13. Lots of Moving Parts

Lots of Moving Parts
It sounded as though producers had hit on a solution ... until Kail and Bri found out about their plans for a "group segment."

14. Picking Her Battles

Picking Her Battles
“The producers told Kail that she would be Skyping into the group segment from her hotel in Jersey City, and Jenelle would be Skyping in from Philly and Briana from her hotel in NYC. Chelsea and Leah would be in-person on stage,” says the first source. “Kail was furious. She felt like the producers chose Bri over her to be there, even though Kail is an original cast member and Briana is not.”

15. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
The source says the awkward situation led producers to change plans yet again.

16. Real Diva Hours

Real Diva Hours
“Now, each girl is going to go to the studio on a specific day and time,” the source says. “They have worked out a schedule where Kail and Bri will not be there at the same time, and same with Jenelle and Kail. Several of the girls may do ‘Unseen Moments’ or those types of shoots together but it would not be Kail with Bri or Jenelle.”

17. Hard to Please

Hard to Please
Despite all of that, it still looked as though some of the cast might sit this one out.

18. Or Not ...

Or Not ...
Then again, if Bri is to be believed, it looks as though producers might have wrangled all the ladies into attending.

19. The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All Here
And it looks like Bri isn't the only possible no-show who's decided to attend.

20. Special Guests

Special Guests
Briana noted that she'll be joined by several family members.

21. John's First Reunion!

John's First Reunion!
And even her new boyfriend, Johnny Rodriguez.

22. Problem-Free

Briana is now taking the diplomatic approach and it sounds like there's a real possibility all the girls will attend.

23. The Response

The Response
Not surprisingly, many fans feel that MTV is doing too much to accommodate the cast.

24. Called Out

Called Out
And some phrased their criticism more harshly than others.

25. Jenelle Chimes In

Jenelle Chimes In
Even Jenelle seems intent on somehow making this thing work.

26. Teamwork

Some fans credited the girls with working things out, but the producers deserve a good deal of credit, too -- especially since they weren't working with much in terms of punishments and penalties.

27. That's It?

That's It?
“The girls make about $1500 to attend and film the Reunion, so they would obviously not get paid that sum,” a source tells The Ashley when asked how the girls would be disciplined if they bailed. “They may also be fined, likely what their episodic rate is.”

28. The Threat of Having to Get a Real Job

The Threat of Having to Get a Real Job
Of course, producers have demonstrated in the past that they're not afraid to fire uncooperative cast members, so it's possible there was more hanging over the ladies' heads than just money. Either way, it looks like we're in for some fireworks!

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