Shawn Portwood: Hey, Don't Blame Me! I've Tried to Help My Sister!

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Shawn Portwood knows his sister has a problem.

Heck, Shawn Portwood claims to have known for a very long time now that his sister has a problem and he's claimed to have done everything in his power to get her help.

Alas, it very clearly failed... at least if various recordings to Amber Portwood berating and even beating boyfriend Andrew Glennon are to be believed. 

In the wake of disturbing videos such as THIS ONE,  Shawn has taken to Twitter and tried to tell his side of the story.

What have been his interactions with Glennon, along with other Teen Mom OG cast members?

Scroll down to find out.

1. Shawn is Singing a Very Different Tune Right Now

Shawn is Singing a Very Different Tune Right Now
Let's go back to late July, shall we? About three weeks after Amber was arrested for domestic violence against Andrew and Shawn spoke to The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

2. What Did Shawn Say Back Then?

What Did Shawn Say Back Then?
“This whole thing is a setup and it has been from the beginning, the more I read about what’s going on,” Shawn told The Ashley.

3. Glennon is a Gold Digger!

Glennon is a Gold Digger!
“He’s trying to get her to pay for everything and make it to where the only thing he has to do is literally just look after the boy," Shawn sort of randomly accused in July. "It is not fair and she doesn’t deserve what’s happening to her.”

4. That Was Then...

That Was Then...
... but now? After all these leaked videos that make it awfully apparent that Amber did, indeed, attack Andrew both verbally and physically? Shawn isn't exactly pointing a finger at his quasi brother-in-law any longer.

5. Okay. So What is His New Stance?

Okay. So What is His New Stance?
"I have got a lot of criticism over the last couple days for being by my sister's side," Shawn Tweeted on September 16. "I love my sister and I never want to see her fail hurt or be sad in life. I want the best for her and nothing more. I can never step from beside my sister and speak badly about her."

6. Amber Does Have Issues, Okay???

Amber Does Have Issues, Okay???
"This is why I continuously say things like I do not condone her actions and even now her actions cannot be justified in many ways," he continued. "The continual nature of some of the things she said 4 minutes on in we're not right or Fair. She should have never said that."

7. Team Amber Forever!

Team Amber Forever!
"And I've told her that. And now more than ever I believe she knows that. Nobody wants to be in this position just like Andrew didn't want to be in that position when she was saying those things. But I'm always going to stand by my sister's side no matter what she does."

8. Andrew Has a Few Questions...

Andrew Has a Few Questions...
Glennon addressed Shawn on Instagram earlier this week, citing specific examples of Amber's abuse and putting Shawn on the spot to answer for them.

9. Take It Away, Shawn!

Take It Away, Shawn!
“Andrew did call me sometimes when they would argue but never mentioned anything of what’s being mentioned now,” Shawn told his Twitter followers in response. “He always told me it was a bad argument. And do you know what I did? I reached out to people but never got a response. The next day everything was fine according to him.”

10. What Do You Want from Me?!?

What Do You Want from Me?!?
Shawn continued to defend himself on social media, adding: “I really don’t know how you people can expect me or could expect me to have done more. When he called because they were arguing I would call and talk to her. When things were bad with her postpartum I reached out to other cast members on the show and got vague responses."

11. Why is Shawn Suddenly on the Defensive?

Why is Shawn Suddenly on the Defensive?
Because of these aforementioned recordings. They feature Amber absolutely going off on Andrew; in one case for seemingly waking her up from a nap. Right off the bat in one of these videos, Amber calls Andrew a "f-cking fat piece of sh-t" and threatens to stab him.

12. In Another Example?

In Another Example?
Via a recording of a fight that took place on Christmas Eve, we can hear Amber scream at Andrew "you knew I never wanted this life" and "now I'm stuck with a f-cking baby." YIKES, huh?

13. This is Really Bad, Guys

This  is Really Bad, Guys
In another video segment, she starts screaming about how she managed not to get pregnant for ten years before Andrew, and he tries to argue with her ... and then we actually hear her starting to hit him. He says "ow!", and we hear her grunting "motherf-cker," along with the hits.

14. Baby James was Present for This Fight

Baby James was Present for This Fight
"I'll kill you," Amber also tells Andrew at one point. "I will kill you. Get out." She then specifies that she's going to stab him in his neck.

15. These Videos Really Exist?

Yes, you can listen to one of them above.

17. And Yet Another Here

This may be the most troubling one of all.

18. So... Back to Shawn

So... Back to Shawn
In light of these recordings, Amber's brother has veered froom blaming Andrew to making sure everyone knows he did everything he could to help his sister.

19. He Even Sort of Blames Other Teen Mom Stars

He Even Sort of Blames Other Teen Mom Stars
“The same cast members who are blasting her now about the audio that has come out I reached out to to try to get her help,” Shawn wrote of Maci Bookout and company, all of whom have basically come out against Amber in recent days. “Whether it be through therapy that they may have taken or to just have them call her and talk to her. Never did I get a reasonable response…"

20. Who Has Shawn Spoken to About This?

Who Has Shawn Spoken to About This?
“I’m not saying who I reached out to,” Shawn continued. “What I am going to say [is] that I reached out to a small network of people that I had access to to try to find her help. Those people chose not to say anything to me but now want to comment on the audio."

21. You Know Who You Are!

You Know Who You Are!
He added: "And if those cast members did not receive any messages from me that I’m not talking about them and they have no reason to take offense to this. But the ones that I did reach out to know who they are.”

22. I Even Tried to Help Andrew, Okay?!?

I Even Tried to Help Andrew, Okay?!?
“How do you say I’m victim shaming somebody?” Shawn Tweeted to another person. “You ppl are blasting me saying that I blew him off entirely but I’m telling you that that’s not the case. That’s not victim shaming you idiot. I simply said he never portrayed the situation being worse than what he is now."

23. Get Off My Back!

Get Off My Back!
Fumed Shawn: “You people are attacking me saying things like why didn’t you do this or why didn’t you do that. What do you expect me to do? Pack off my s**t up and move back to Indiana and hold her and Andrews hand during their relationship? I did what I could do from where I’m at.”

24. The Truth Will Come Out

The Truth Will Come Out
“I promise you this," Shawn teased. "Whether people accept it or not proof is going to come out. Everything is going to come out. Everyone will get their answer soon enough. Still doesn’t justify laying your hands on another person if she did that or saying the things that she said.”

25. This is All for Now

This is All for Now
“I’m no longer saying anything about this whole situation that’s what I’m saying right now," concluded Andrew's Tweet storm. "I’m going to wait for it to take its course and I’m going to wait for everything to be presented.”

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