Andrew Glennon: FORCED to Film Teen Mom OG Against His Will?!

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In the months since Amber Portwood was arrested for assault, Andrew Glennon certainly hasn't kept a low profile.

But he has managed to control the conversation about his increasingly messy custody battle.

Glennon candidly discusses the situation with fans on Instagram, which should be his right.

But now, it seems MTV is sending the battered baby daddy a very clear message:

Shut up about Amber .. unless you're talking to us.

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Andrew was recently ambushed by Teen Mom OG producers and forced to take part in the show.

Yes, folks -- a very messed up situation just got much, much worse.

Take a look:

1. Better Days?

Better Days?
From the outside, it looked as though Amber and Andrew enjoyed some happy times in the early days of their relationship. But Andrew now says it was abusive from the start.

2. On His Own

On His Own
It's one of the revelations he's made during his candid Instagram chats with fans in the months since Amber was arrested for attacking him with a machete and striking him while he was holding the couple's 1-year-old son.

3. Andrew's Blunder

Andrew's Blunder
From a legal standpoint, it was never the smartest move for Andrew to discuss a pending court case on social media.

4. Telling His Story

Telling His Story
But to his credit, he seemed more concerned with getting the truth out then with protecting his legal interests.

5. Double Standard?

Double Standard?
Would a female domestic violence victim be encouraged to keep quiet? Would MTV producers rush to exploit her story? It's tough to say for sure -- but that's certainly what's happening to Andrew.

6. Blindsided

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Andrew was recently "ambushed" by Teen Mom OG producers who essentially strong-armed him into filming scenes for the show.

7. Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue
“[A producer] called Andrew and asked if they could come and film at the house,” says a source close to the show. Andrew apparently did not expect the call and had not heard from production staff in quite some time.

8. No Choice

No Choice
"It was messed up though because Andrew had no idea they were going to call, and as soon as he answered the phone, they told him that the call was being recorded to be used for the show, so he had no heads-up or anything," the insider continues.

9. Under Their Thumb

Under Their Thumb
Yes, Andrew had no say in the matter, as his Instagram rants apparently led TMOG producers to the conclusion that they were missing out on some quality drama -- and they felt it should be filtered through the show, not shared with Glennon's followers directly.

10. Dissent on Set

Dissent on Set
“Some of us thought that was really wrong, to ambush him like that,” the source says.

11. Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma
“If a call is going to end up on a show that is aired for millions to watch, the guy should have at least been able to prepare himself," the informant continues.

12. Standard Practice?

Standard Practice?
"But he’s still under contract, so there’s nothing he can do about it really,” the insider adds.

13. Off Camera

Off Camera
The Ashley notes that no footage of Andrew has been shot yet, but it's unclear if that's his decision or if producers simply haven't pursued the matter yet.

14. Muzzled

However, Andrew has been told what he is and is not allowed to say in his social media remarks.

15. Don't Bash the Bosses

Don't Bash the Bosses
“They did tell [Andrew] that his contract forbids him from criticizing MTV,” the source added. “They were not happy about some of the stuff he was posting on Instagram.”

16. In the Dark?

In the Dark?
The Ashley notes that it is unclear if Amber knows that Andrew is still participating in the show that made her famous.

17. Hard Times

Hard Times
Portoowd, of course, is still locked in a bitter custody battle with Glennon, and is only permitted to see her son during supervised visits.

18. Growing Distance

Growing Distance
Glennon recently filed a request for information to relocate to his native California with baby James.

19. Fighting Back

Fighting Back
Amber responded with a request that the court forbid Andrew from relocating,

20. Stay Tuned...

Stay Tuned...
We'll continue to update you on this developing story as more information becomes available,

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