Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: We're Gonna Have a Baby!

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Don't you just love hearing details about the strange, strange couple that is Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer?

Of course you do -- it's human nature to feel compelled to look at a train wreck, and if Ryan and Mack aren't a train wreck, then what are they?

Somehow, someway, they managed to make themselves into one of the most hated couples in the Teen Mom franchise, and that's really saying something.

So hey, why not throw a new baby in the mix?!

1. A Love Story

A Love Story
Ryan and Mackenzie have been together since sometime last fall. That's when she was introduced on Teen Mom OG, and we know they got engaged last December. At first, if you'll remember, many people thought that Mackenzie seemed sweet, stable, and like she'd be a good influence on Ryan. And those people were wrong.

2. Worse and Worse ...

Worse and Worse ...
On the last OG season, we saw them planning their wedding, and we also saw Ryan continue to be just high out of his mind. Maci confirmed that he was doing drugs, but Ryan and Mackenzie didn't mention anything of the sort until the season finale.

3. A Parking Lot Wedding to Remember

A Parking Lot Wedding to Remember
For some reason concerning Bentley's custody that still doesn't really make sense, Ryan and Mackenzie decided to get married in a quick little ceremony in a parking lot in May instead of waiting for their planned wedding in November. Ryan drove them both to the wedding, and it wasn't a great time.

4. Nope Nope Nope

Nope Nope Nope
He was nodding off behind the wheel, so much that Mackenzie had to help him steer. Instead of instructing him to pull over, she concerned herself with turning of MTV's cameras in the car, and we heard her ask him if he'd been taking Xanax "again."

5. What a Fairytale

What a Fairytale
Even though Ryan could have easily killed them on the drive over, and even though their only guests were Ryan's devastated parents, they got married anyway. The whole thing was shocking and depressing and just very, very bad. Some have even called it the darkest moment in Teen Mom history.

6. Off to Rehab

Off to Rehab
On the reunion special for that season, Mackenzie claimed that that fateful wedding drive was the very first time she ever noticed Ryan's drug use, and that she shipped him off to rehab the very next day. It's a little hard to believe, especially considering that thousands of strangers noticed his drug use at least a year before, but hey, sure.

7. Getting Sober

Getting Sober
Ryan spent a few weeks in a treatment center before coming home, and now he and Mackenzie say he's 100% clean and sober. And really, he does seem to be sober. From what we've seen from him so far in the new season of Teen Mom, he looks more alert than he has in years.

8. A Few Hiccups

A Few Hiccups
But that's not to say that their young marriage has been without issue -- over the summer, there was a little scandal in which Ryan was revealed to be creeping on local ladies on Tinder. Mackenzie stood by him, but reports claimed that things got so bad between them then that Ryan told MTV crew members that he was planning on filing for divorce.

9. But It's OK!

But It's OK!
The divorce didn't end up happening though -- instead, they got married. Again! Yep, even though they got hitched back in May, they still went through with their planned November wedding. It was in a church, there were guests that weren't crying. It actually seemed kind of nice, if you could forget about who these people are.


Because for real, what's the deal with these two? Why is any of this happening? Mackenzie is 20 years old, she has a three-year-old son and she's on her second marriage. Why does she claim she didn't know about Ryan's drug use until he was driving high to their wedding? Why would she go through with marrying him after that? What's her motive here?

11. Finally, Some Answers

Finally, Some Answers
Thankfully, we're getting a few answers from Mackenzie's new site! Yes, she has a site now, featuring a blog, and while the whole thing is a little bit embarrassing, she did just post a Q&A, so we're happy about that.

12. Whatever, Girl

Whatever, Girl
She answered a few odd questions first, like "What are your favorite hair products?" and "Where do you get your hair done?", like those are the things anyone wants to hear about.

13. Nursing School?

Nursing School?
In an odd little move, while answering the question "What do you do for a living?", she answered "I am going to school for nursing! I unfortunately had to put college off for a bit because HELLO!! BABY!! WORKING TO SURVIVE HERE!!" But if she's putting college off for a bit, then she's not "going to school for nursing," and if she answered that question by saying she's going to school for nursing, then it sounds like Teen Mom is her job right now.

14. Ryan, Working?!

Ryan, Working?!
As hard as it may be to believe, she said that Ryan has an actual job though -- "Ryan is a lineman as well as a diesel mechanic," she claimed. She said that he went to school for both occupations. Sure, that's believable.

15. Maci Shade!

Maci Shade!
Next, Mackenzie faced the tough questions by explaining her eye color to us. "Contrary to popular belief, my eyes are blue. Naturally. NO contacts. Not shit brown...(lol)." Get it, because at the last reunion show Maci told her that she was so full of sh-t that her eyes are brown? LOL. LOL, Mackenzie.

16. Giving the People What They Want

Giving the People What They Want
Mackenzie also revealed something that Teen Mom fans have been itching to know for a while now -- how did they meet? "Ryan and I met at the gym here in Chattanooga," she said. "I was leaving to go to work and he was walking in. Ryan asked me if I would like to go to dinner and since I had a few minutes... I said ok...he was super cute and ridiculously charming.. couldn't resist! Little did I know that I was going on a date with my future husband."

17. Denial

But did she watch Teen Mom before meeting Ryan?? "No," she said. "I didn't watch MTV then. Nor do I care to now."

18. Edwards Fun

Edwards Fun
When it comes to hobbies, she said that "We live on the lake, so we love all things WATER! An evening boat ride is one of my favorite things to do with my sweet man. In the winter, we like to go riding on our ATV which is Ryan's baby."

19. MTV Stardom

MTV Stardom
Being on Teen Mom is "In short, stressful," Mackenzie explained. "I'm a very mild person but I am passionate about things I believe in! I try to be very transparent and open but that usually gets translated into me looking ridiculously cold and angry. Don't cross my family and don't cross me. haha!!"

20. Struggles

For Mackenzie, it takes a "whole lotta coffee, a whole lotta lovin', a whole lotta Jesus and a whole lotta family" to get through life. "I can't stress enough that each day is a new day and a new journey. We are turning our struggles into our story."

21. Being a Stepmother

Being a Stepmother
Now that she's a stepmom to Bentley in an addition to her son Hudson, she said "I love these two little guys equally. They are both so unique and so special. It is really cool to be able to plan fun things for us all to do that suit everyones needs. I treat him no different than I do my own son. When B comes over, he knows that there are rules to abide by... as does H."

22. But Are They Going to Have a Baby?!?!?!

But Are They Going to Have a Baby?!?!?!
Finally, when asked about having a child of their own together, Mackenzie said "Yassssss, hunny. We both want ONE more. God's plan is good enough for us. We will have one in His timing!"

23. "In His Timing"

"In His Timing"
Usually when religious people like Mackenzie say that they're going to have a baby "in His timing," it means that they're not doing anything to prevent pregnancy, and conception could happen anytime. That's just the truth of the matter. That's not to say that that's what she's implying, but that's what everyone's going to think.

24. Is This a Good Idea?

Is This a Good Idea?
It's weird, because you'd think that Ryan would take a little more time to focus on his health before having another child. After all, he barely got out of rehab four months ago, and it's not like he was ever really an active parent before that.

25. ... Best Wishes?

... Best Wishes?
But obviously nothing strangers on the internet say is going to affect Mackenzie's decision here. So if they're working on getting pregnant, then hey, here's hoping that things turn out wonderfully, for everyone involved.

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