Ryan Edwards: I'm Not on Heroin Anymore! Maci Bookout is a Liar! [UPDATED]

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have been out of the spotlight for several months now, but they're back, and they're making up for lost time.

Mackenzie recently returned to social media after a couple of months of being away -- she's been sharing photos of her baby bump, mostly.

And it seems like now we know why.

Yep, Ryan and Mackenzie are no longer going to appear on Teen Mom OG, and according to many sources, the reason is pretty dark.

But according to them ... look, let's just get right into this, there's a lot to cover.

1. These Two, Right?

These Two, Right?
Ryan and Mackenzie were never exactly fan favorites on Teen Mom OG, but things got way worse for them back in the spring, after Ryan was arrested for violating his probation, because apparently he'd been arrested for having tons of heroin on him a while before that.

2. Oh, Ryan

Oh, Ryan
It wasn't a good look, to say the least, since the second arrest seemed to indicate that he was no longer sober, and since Mackenzie was pregnant with their first child.

3. An Honest to Goodness Mess

An Honest to Goodness Mess
It turned into a great big ordeal: Mackenzie made statements insisting it wasn't a big deal and that Ryan had never relapsed after leaving rehab, but around the same time, Maci was seen on Teen Mom claiming that several people had told her he was using again.

4. Yikes

Right around the same time, Maci filed restraining orders against Ryan for her entire family. In court documents, she stated that Ryan had been threatening to kidnap Bentley, and that he'd even threatened to murder her husband, Taylor McKinney.

5. Well ...

Well ...
Eventually, the truth came out, and we learned that Ryan was arrested because he'd failed a drug test (he had opiates in his system), and another six months was added to his probation. Maci also was able to get her restraining orders.

6. When It Rains, It Pours

When It Rains, It Pours
Oh, and right after Ryan was arrested? The news came out that he'd been trying to hook up with random ladies from Tinder again. Because there wasn't enough drama already, right?

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