Ryan Edwards: Banned From Seeing Son Due to Drug Use?!

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Back in June, Ryan Edwards checked into rehab immediately after he married Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan had passed out while driving to the wedding, and the shocking scene was captured by Teen Mom 2 cameras.

These days, Ryan is reportedly clean and sober.

But that doesn't mean he's regained the trust of his baby mama, Maci Bookout...


1. Ryan at Rock Bottom

Ryan at Rock Bottom
Ryan's addiction to heroin and prescription painkillers nearly cost him his life earlier this year. His shocking descent into addiction was documented on Teen Mom 2.

2. A Sad Ceremony

A Sad Ceremony
Viewers were stunned when Ryan lost consciousness while driving to his own wedding. Immediately after saying "I do," Edwards checked into a rehab facility,

3. Custody Crisis

Custody Crisis
These days, Ryan is clean and sober, but it seems he's having a hard time regaining the trust of his son's mother. Maci Bookout is reportedly very wary about leaving 8-year-old Bentley alone with his father.

4. Visitation Woes

Visitation Woes
A recent episode of Teen Mom 2 showed Maci bringing Bentley to Ryan's parents' house for Father's Day, to say the visit did not go smoothly would be a massive understatement.

5. See You In Court!

See You In Court!
That's the threat Ryan made when Maci left his parents' house and brought Bentley along. It seems the situation is likely to get uglier before it gets better.

6. Ryan's Frustration

Ryan's Frustration
Those closest to the situation say Ryan is incredibly frustrated, not only because he barely sees his son, but also because Maci is wildly inconsistent with regard to the visitation schedule.

7. Mercurial Maci

Mercurial Maci
"Ryan has seen [Bentley] a few times," one insider tells Radar Online. "It's what Maci decides when she wakes up in the morning."

8. Consistent Inconsistency

Consistent Inconsistency
"It'll be consistent, then it won't be, then it'll be consistent again," the source adds. "It depends on her mood for the day."

9. Lawyering Up

Lawyering Up
As fans of TM2 know, Ryan has already contacted a lawyer in preparation for a custody battle with Maci.

10. Ryan's Rights

Ryan's Rights
"If you're not married, you don't have rights as a father," says the insider. "The case is still in progress."

11. Working Out a Compromise

Working Out a Compromise
Maci has reportedly been trying to appease Ryan in recent weeks by allowing him more time with Bentley. The insider notes that Ryan has spent "a considerable amount of time" with his son this month.

12. Is Maci in the Right?

Is Maci in the Right?
Some have suggested that Maci is doing the right thing by limiting the time that Ryan spends with Bentley and monitoring their visits closely. After all, Edwards is still in a fragile emotional state...

13. Ryan's Woes

Ryan's Woes
"He loves his son," the source says of Ryan. "He hates himself, but he loves his son."

14. Making Progress

Making Progress
"He's seven months sober this month," says the insider. And it seems Ryan's accomplishment has not gone unnoticed...

15. Blown Away

Blown Away
"Everyone is blown away by how well Ryan is doing," says the tipster.

16. A Daily Struggle

A Daily Struggle
"His family and friends can't imagine how hard it must be for him to fight his addiction every day," the source adds.

17. Signs of Trouble

Signs of Trouble
Unfortunately, there are still indications that Ryan remains emotionally unstable.

18. An Angry Meme

An Angry Meme
Ryan shared this meme on social media immediately after leaving rehab. It was a bad call for a number of reasons...

19. Plenty of Ammo

Plenty of Ammo
Ryan will already be fighting an uphill battle in court, and he just keeps giving Maci more ammo to use against him. Hopefully, mediation will go well, because it seems unlikely that any judge would find in Ryan's favor.

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