Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer to Star in Teen Mom Spinoff!

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To put it mildly, a typical episode of Teen Mom 2 offers much to feel discouraged about in our society and little in the way of edification.

However, the show offers the occasional break from all of this unyielding bleakness ... ironically, from the stark, cold upper midwest.

Particularly when it focuses on Chelsea Houska, the pride of South Dakota, and her happy home life with her husband and kids.

Chelsea married Cole DeBoer last year, and together, they've defied the odds and formed a stable relationship that's built to endure.

The dual pressures of fame and one truly psychotic ex (Adam Lind) have not threatened this golden couple's stability one bit.

Now, in an amazing piece of news, Chelsea and Cole will be telling their inspiring tale in a Teen Mom 2 spinoff focusing on their story!

It's a romantic saga that fans can't wait to relive...

1. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Chelsea and Cole are unique in the world of Teen Mom 2. Under the glaring spotlight of fame they've built a marriage based on trust, loyalty, and mutual respect ... imagine that. Sad that we're talking about something unique there, but it truly is a challenge in this day and age, but it truly is a challenge, whether faced with the trappings of fame or not.

2. Mrs. DeBoer

Mrs. DeBoer
Following her tumultuous relationship with her daughter's father, Adam Lind, Chelsea and Cole tied the knot in October of 2016. They welcomed their first child together just two months later.

3. Lil Watty

Lil Watty
Watson Cole DeBoer entered the world in January of 2017, making adorable Aubree the world's cutest big sister. And with that, the DeBoers became a whole and happy family of four. Of course, there are still complications...

4. Lind-sanity!

The DeBoers are still forced to contend with the chaos that her baby daddy Adam Lind brings to their lives, but it seems that even a meth-smoking, steroid-using, lack-of child-support-paying jailbird of an ex isn't capable of throwing their ship off course.

5. Fan Favorites

Fan Favorites
It should come as no surprise that Chelsea and Cole have been granted their own spinoff. Ironically, their stable lives make them more difficult to find material for on the regular show. For many Teen Mom Nation members, Chelsea's ability to find love after her disastrous relationship with Lind has made her living proof that fairytale endings are possible.

6. The Reaction Online

The Reaction Online
Fans were overjoyed when word got out that Chelsea and Cole would be the subject of the next Teen Mom 2 spinoff special. Especially since many assumed the news would outrage one of the show's most reviled stars, who wasn't portrayed nearly as flatteringly ...

7. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle's Hell
The previous Teen Mom 2 special focused on Jenelle Evans' turbulent love life (that's putting it mildly) prior to meeting her husband, David Eason. The difference in tone between the two episodes is likely to get under Jenelle's skin. And fans are having fun imagining her response.

8. Randy's In on the Joke

Randy's In on the Joke
Chelsea's beloved dad, Randy Houska, retweeted this fan who's clearly enjoying a laugh at Jenelle's expense.

9. Jelly Jenelle

Jelly Jenelle
As this viewer points out, Jenelle is probably more than a little jealous that her relationship isn't being celebrated in the same way as Chelsea and Cole's.

10. Shade!

Is this MTV's way of throwing some seriously passive-aggressive shade at Jenelle and David? Probably not, but it's fun to pretend!

11. Psycho Dave

Psycho Dave
We really can't overstate how strong the dislike for Jenelle is on social media.

12. But Seriously, Folks...

But Seriously, Folks...
How mad is Jenelle, really? Well, some fans believe her recent behavior speaks volumes.

13. Tough Talk

Tough Talk
Just last month, Jenelle threatened to quit Teen Mom 2. Could the move have been a reaction to news of the Chelsea and Cole special?

14. Getting Lawyers Involved

Getting Lawyers Involved
She also sent cease-and-desist letters to several of her co-stars, including Chelsea and Randy Houska. Is it possible that she's really THIS mad?

15. Back to the DeBoers

Back to the DeBoers
We're sure Chelsea and Cole aren't too upset by Jenelle's actions either way. They seem much too busy being happy.

16. So What Can We Expect?

So What Can We Expect?
Chelsea and Cole - A Love Story is sure to be more uplifting than the typical hour of Teen Mom. The special will reportedly feature the story of how the couple met.

17. An Almost-Missed Connection

An Almost-Missed Connection
It seems Houska and DeBoer locked eyes while they were both filling their tanks at the same gas station--but they didn't talk to one another! Fortunately, Cole later introduced himself via social media.

18. What's Next?

What's Next?
The special will also feature Chelsea and Cole discussing what's next for them as a couple. And apparently, they'll address a rumor that's currently on the minds of many fans...

19. A Bun in the Oven?

A Bun in the Oven?
As far as we know, Chelsea is NOT currently pregnant with her third child. But who knows? Perhaps she and Cole are gearing up for a big announcement! Watch Chelsea and Cole - A Love Story Monday night on MTV.

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