Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Headed For Divorce?!

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It's only been three months since Jenelle Evans and David Eason got married on their property in North Carolina.

But it looks as though the troubled couple may already be headed for Splitsvile.

David's recent online activity has led fans to the conclusion that he and Jenelle are on the verge of calling it quits.

And that's not the only indication that this marriage is on the rocks...

1. Trouble From the Start?

Trouble From the Start?
Jenelle and David got married in September. A fight the night before the wedding nearly led Jenelle to call the whole thing off.

2. One Long Rough Patch?

One Long Rough Patch?
In the months since they said "I do," it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for Jenelle and David. The newlyweds have engaged in some bizarre behavior, including an incident at the Teen Mom 2 reunion show, at which David drunkenly brandished a knife.

3. A Sign of Trouble

A Sign of Trouble
This week, fans noticed an indication that Jenelle and David might be on the verge of calling it quits. David changed his relationship status on Facebook to "it's complicated" before deleting his account entirely.

4. The Response From Jenelle

The Response From Jenelle
Jenelle responded to the uproar with a status update of her own. "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop assuming sh-t," she wrote to fans.

5. Nothing to See Here

Nothing to See Here
"Everyone is freaking out David deleted his Facebook account while I was sleeping," Jenelle continued. "He deleted his account altogether. He told me when I woke up lol."

6. Jenelle Doth Protest Too Much

Jenelle Doth Protest Too Much
Jenelle continued her tirade in a truly bizarre interview with Radar Online, in which she yet again struggled to convince fans that all is well in her marriage.

7. None of Your Business

None of Your Business
"If I have sex with my husband, it's my business," Jenelle told the outlet. "If I go skydiving with my husband, it's my business."

8. Come Again?

Come Again?
"If I want to sh-t on my husband's hand, it's my business," Jenelle continued. She certainly has a way with words.

9. Social Distortion

Social Distortion
Jenelle slammed the tabloid press and fans for jumping to conclusions based on social media.

10. Playing Dumb

Playing Dumb
"That doesn't define one's relationship ... hate to tell ya," she wrote ... on Facebook. Irony aside, Jenelle is likely aware that in 2017, a changed relationship status is as good as a breakup announcement.

11. A Shady Move

A Shady Move
Jenelle also changed her profile photo to one that does NOT feature David. She attempted to explain away all of these sudden changes, writing, "I made my information on my 'About Me' private. And only listed my companies."

12. So What's Really Going On Here?

So What's Really Going On Here?
So late at night, Jenelle and David just edited their Facebook profiles to remove any indication that they're married. Nothing weird about that, right?! Well, that's Jenelle would like you to believe...

13. Nothing New

Nothing New
Unfortunately for her, fans aren't basing their assumptions strictly on social media activity. They've seen Jenelle and David interact on TM2, and they know their marriage is deeply troubled.

14. Legal Action

Legal Action
Jenelle is so upset about recent reports regarding her home life that she sent cease-and-desist letters to several of her co-stars, including her mother, Barbara Evans.

15. Ex Issues?

Ex Issues?
As In Touch Weekly points out, fans believe David may have gotten upset over comments made by Jenelle during a recent MTV special that focused on her exes.

16. Keiffah!

There was particular interest in Jenelle's kind words about former boyfriend Kieffer Delp. "Wonder how David reacted when he heard all this nice stuff Jenelle said about Kieffer?" wrote one fan.

17. Trouble on the Land

Trouble on the Land
Of course, viewers know that Jenelle and David's issues started well before the special aired. And many fans would likely be glad to see Eason go.

18. The Race For Jace

The Race For Jace
Jenelle is currently fighting to regain custody of her oldest son, Jace. TM2 devotees hope she doesn't get it, as they feel that Eason mistreats the boy. Now, many are wondering if Eason's callous attitude toward Jenelle's sons has led the couple to consider calling it quits...

19. A Hard Road Ahead

A Hard Road Ahead
Whatever the case, it seems the smart money is on Jenelle and David NOT making it through 2018. In just three months of marriage, the newlyweds have fought incessantly and disparaged one another in public forums. David's Facebook activity might be the latest sign of trouble, but it's certainly not the first.

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