Ronnie Magro Brawls with Girlfriend on Instagram Live, Apologizes to Fans After Breakup

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When Jersey Shore returned after a VERY long hiatus, we figured we'd be talking about Ronnie Ortiz-Magro again.

But not like this.

The muscle-bound reality star has been making headlines all week for an extraordinarily ugly and personal spat with girlfriend Jen Harley.

Making matters especially disturbing between these two?

They welcomed a daughter into the world mere weeks before blowing up at each other.

And we mean BLOWING UP at each other.

Scroll down for a closer look at what has gone wrong between Ronnie and Jen, along with a video of the parents nearly coming to physical blows.

This is legitimately ugly stuff. That poor baby girl...

1. New Parents

New Parents
Ronnie and Jen got together in July of 2017 and seemed excited to become parents in early April 2018 to a girl named Ariana. Heck, Ronnie, often known for his extreme temper, sounded like a changed man when his daughter was born.

2. He Actually Said This Upon Becoming a Father:

He Actually Said This Upon Becoming a Father:
"You live your life not ever really knowing the meaning of true love until you have a child. True unconditional love... I understand when everyone said you’ll understand ‘when you have a child of your own or when you become a parent.’ I know I have still tons to learn but I’m excited for this new journey & chapter in my life with my beautiful girlfriend & my daughter."

3. But Then?

But Then?
Oh man. Buckle up and prepare to wince. It was three weeks after Jen and Ronnie gushed over their baby girl when things turned UGLY.

4. It Started with a Sex Tape

It Started with a Sex Tape
Not between Ronnie and Jen; between Jen and an ex-boyfriend, prompting Ronnie to GO OFF on Instagram and ask: "If your significant other keeps sex videos of their ex, shouldn’t they show enough respect to delete them, esp after being in a new relationship for over a year?"

5. Can't Turn a Hoe Into a Housewife

Can't Turn a Hoe Into a Housewife
As you can see above, this is what Ronnie actually said... about his newborn's mother! It would be a funny line to include in a Jersey Shore script, less so when it applies to your real-life baby mama.

6. Harley's Comeback?

Harley's Comeback?
It was pretty good, if you also ignore the context: "You can't turn a coke head into a father."

7. My Bad, Everyone

My Bad, Everyone
Shortly after this spat went viral, Ronnie apologized as follows: "I want to apologize for earlier to my fans, and especially @tater_tot_kitty. I acted on my gut and not rationally. I should’ve never acted in such a manor [sic]. My deepest apologies."

8. Wait, I Take It Back!

Wait, I Take It Back!
But then Ronnie deleted his apology and accused Harley of cheating...with a friend... right before she got pregnant... basically referring to her as a "cum dumpster."

9. We're Not Kidding

We're Not Kidding
You can read the exchange above for yourself. It started with a text from someone Ronnie knows; it was sent last summer; and it says this individual had sex with Harley on a "taco float" and that both and and Ronnie ought to be done with her forever.

10. This is What Ronnie's Friend Wrote:

This is What Ronnie's Friend Wrote:
It's worth highlighting because you can't make this stuff up: "Have fun with the worthless cum dumpster that we talked about, have her back. I’m literally done, no reason in the world she deserves anyone like me or you."

11. Your Turn, Jen

Your Turn, Jen
Harley didn't actually deny cheating in her retort. She just said that Ronnie ALSO cheated, abandoning his child in the process.

12. It Actually Gets Worse

Ronnie and Jen shared the above Livestream for some reason. It features the two screaming at each other and nearly getting into a physical fight after Ronnie talks about Jen "taking it in the ass like a porn star." Click PLAY to watch above.

13. So... Ummm... Now What?

So... Ummm... Now What?
Ronnie has issued another Mea Culpa, saying in the middle of this gigantic mess: "I want to apologize to my family, friends, and fans. This is a private matter that should have never been made public. I remain focused on my daughter and she is my number one priority."

14. Is the Couple Still Together?

Is the Couple Still Together?
LOL, no, an insider tells Us Weekly: "Ronnie and Jen are definitely done and he’s telling his friends that he’s single."

15. Then Again...

Then Again...
.... "that can change at any moment," this magazine source says of Jen and Ronnie. Because of course, right?

16. Ronnie Isn't Exactly Innocent Here

Ronnie Isn't Exactly Innocent Here
He was pretty blantantly caught cheating on Jen on camera during a recent Jersey Shore: Vacation episode. Said this same tabloid source: "She saw how bad the cheating was while watching the show Thursday night... She kicked him out of his house two weeks ago. They’ve been so rocky for so long - even before he went to film the show."

17. Know Who's the Happiest Person Alive Right Now?

Know Who's the Happiest Person Alive Right Now?
Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola! She can sit back, far away from her ex-boyfriend, and finally have the last laugh, while being thankful she isn't the poor women receiving the brunt of Ronnie's anger for a change.

18. On the Flip Side?

On the Flip Side?
How badly do you feel for little Ariana Sky?!? We can only pray she wasn't actually on hand for the blow-out caught on camera that we shared earlier in this slideshow.

19. Any Final Words from Harley?

Any Final Words from Harley?
Nope. She's deleted all posts and photos from her Instagram page. This is the smartest thing either of these two has done since their split went public.

20. Awwww!

In the days since all this mess began, Ronnie has been sharing less thoughts about Jen and more photos of their daughter, which is such an improvement. Look how cute!

21. So Close

So Close
But he was also seen getting pretty close to Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Marie, and that certainly isn't as cute.

22. Things Are Looking Up

Things Are Looking Up
On the bright side, sources have said that Ron and Jen are getting along right now, and that she's not trying to make it difficult for him to see Ariana.

23. Priorities

"His daughter is his biggest priority so he just wants to keep things as calm and civil with Jen for the baby's sake," one source has explained. "They both really regret how ugly and public their split was so they're doing everything they can to keep things private right now."

24. However ...

However ...
Other sources say that things aren't going so well between them -- there's one report going around that even goes as far as to say that Ron is having some doubts that Ariana is even his daughter.

25. Plot Twist

Plot Twist
According to this new report, his friends are urging him to get a paternity test, and he's determined to go through with it to get to the truth.


But maybe don't put too much stock in the idea of Ronnie demanding a paternity test, because he took a screenshot of one of the reports and put all kinds of "fake news" hashtags over it.

27. ... For Real?

... For Real?
Just in case this whole thing needed yet another plot twist, this happened just a couple of days after the reports about the paternity test: Ron shared a video of Jen sleeping. And usually when you take video of someone sleeping, you're right there next to them.

28. What Kind of Nature Documentaries Are You Into, Bro?

What Kind of Nature Documentaries Are You Into, Bro?
Ron actually shared TWO videos of Jen sleeping, and with these playful little captions, it certainly seems like they're back together. Why else would he be with her while she sleeps? Face it, you don't make bear orgasm jokes about someone you're not currently being intimate with. That's just not how it's done.

29. The Happy Family, Maybe

The Happy Family, Maybe
What's more, they were seen out and about together in Las Vegas over Mother's Day weekend with precious little Ariana. That sounds less like co-parenting and more like just family time with the possibility of smushing later, right?

30. Look How Cute!

Look How Cute!
Also over the weekend, Jen shared this new photo of Ariana -- how's that for a palate cleanser?

31. What's Next?

What's Next?
So we've got drug accusations, cheating accusations, threats of physical violence, whispers of paternity tests, a possible reconciliation ... what else are you going to throw at us, you crazy kids?

Wait! There's more! Just click "Next" below:

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