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In the 18 months since Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley separated, the former couple has been repeatedly put through the wringer by the celebrity gossip media.

It was initially reported that the split was amicable.

Fans were heartbroken by videos Mathews posted in which he implored his wife to give their marriage a second chance.

Alas, that was not to be, and the divorce eventually got ugly – as divorces tend to, particularly ones in the public eye.

These days, both parties have moved on – Jenni with Zach Carpinello, Roger with new girlfriend Danielle Miel – and set aside their differences to make their children’s happiness their top priority.

So Mathews’ exclusive comments to The Hollywood Gossip can be considered a closing statement of sorts on the topic.

Even those who have been following the story closely might be surprised by what he has to say. Roger doesn’t hold back.

Take a look: