Danielle Miele: Meet Roger Mathews' New Girlfriend!

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It's been six months since Jenni Farley finalized her divorce from Roger Mathews.

We probably don't need to tell you that Jenni and Roger's breakup was a very messy one, complete with allegations of abuse and bitter custody battles.

Roger Mathews and Jenni

But despite all odds, both parties have moved on.

These days, Farley is dating Zach Carpinello, and despite some major obstacles, it seems that relationship is finally on the right path.

Roger wasn't quite as quick to find someone new, but it seems that these days, he's happily coupled-up.

According to a new report from TMZ, the Jersey-based truck driver is in a relationship with a woman named Danielle Miel.

Roger and Danielle

Little is known about Miel other than that she's a hairdresser, who's rumored to be somewhat closer in age to Roger than JWoww was (Mathews is 44, Farley 33).

TMZ reports that Roger and Danielle have been photographed on several occasions, and while they're definitely dating, it seems they're taking it slow.

Danielle has apparently met Roger's two kids, but she has never spent the night while they're with him.

The site also claims that Danielle is a private person who's hoping to remain out of the spotlight.

Danielle Miel

It's unclear how long the couple has been together, but Roger indicated back in September that there might be someone special in his life.

“I’m casually dating. Cautiously so. My kids are my focus,” he said at the time. 

Roger said at the time that he was looking for “an established woman with her career and personal life in order, who has similar likes and interests and who is understanding that my children will always come first."

Communication is critical to me at this point in my life," he added.

Daniel Miel Photo

"If you’re a bad communicator, we probably won’t make it far," Roger went on.

"I want peace and stability in my life for myself and my children.”

Peace and stability?

Sounds like a nice change of pace after his last relationship.

Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley Back in the Day

Of course, it's worth nothing that Roger was the source of most of the drama there.

Not long after their separation, Farley accused Mathews of abuse and offered security camera footage to back up her claims.

Roger apologized and these days, he says he's a changed man.

For Danielle's case, we hope he's telling the truth.

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