Pretty Little Liars Finale: Major Secrets Revealed!

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Pretty Little Liars has come to a stunning, shocking, suspenseful, WTF-just-happened conclusion.

What did we learn on the series finale?

And what secrets did the cast then spill on the after-show?

Scroll down for every last A-nswer...

1. First, Who is A.D.?

First, Who is A.D.?
Let's get the major question fans had heading into the finale over with: It was Alex Drake, Spencer's evil twin who didn't know about her relativesin Rosewood until she ran into Wren in a bar in London.

2. Speaking of Wren...

Speaking of Wren...
... he's the father of Alison's baby! (We did NOT see that coming.)

3. Behind the Scenes...

Behind the Scenes...
... you probably already knew about those bombshells, right? If you're a fan and tuned in for the finale? But the main cast members opened up about a number of finale-related secrets on the Freeform after-show.

4. The Major Secret... Spilled

The Major Secret... Spilled
Lucy Hale said she learned of A.D.'s identity, when Drew Van Acker dropped the news. "He ruined it for me, but I loved it," she explained.

5. I Knew It Before You!

I Knew It Before You!
Troian Bellisario found out because "I’m A.D. I had to [know]," she said, adding that she begged creator Marlene King to tell her a while back and that the discovered this secret about two years ago.

6. I Do? Really?!?

I Do? Really?!?
Hale said it was "very strange" reciting vows with Ian Harding, adding that the wedding "felt very real."

7. Knock Me Up!

Knock Me Up!
Ashley Benson explained that she played a role in Hanna getting pregnant. "I always told Marlene that I wanted to have a kid on the show," she said on air.

8. Some Fantasy Casting

Some Fantasy Casting
Haleucy said she would have played Mona if she could have been casted as another character; while Sasha Pieterse chose Spencer.

9. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess
Bellisario said she prepared to portray Alex Drake by viewing Sid Vicous videos: "I wanted her to feel very punk and Sid Vicious didn’t really care at all about the way he came across… I wanted Alex to be a mess."

10. The Plan All Along

The Plan All Along
King revealed she had the show's ending in mind 'for years," adding: "We knew who A.D. was and who A.D. was going to be."

11. In Real Life?

In Real Life?
The stars said that if they had ever experienced what their onscreen counterparts did with A and A.D., they would have told their parents and changed their phone numbers right away. HA!

12. Hot. Heavy. Hilarious.

Hot. Heavy. Hilarious.
Shay Mitchell and Sasha said there was "a lot of boob grabbing" during their intimate sex scenes throughout fiming. Well.... okay then!

13. Was This Really the End?

Was This Really the End?
Would they be open to a reunion or revival anytime in the future? Troian said she "would never want to pass up" such an opportunity, while Hale added: "It would have to do [the series] justice." Hey, we can hope, right?!?

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