PETA Pushes for Veganism Via Animal Sex Posters… Twitter Reacts!

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PETA has already tried to tell you that eating meat will shrink your son's penis.

But the animal rights organization is now here to explain why eating meat will also have a negative effect on your sex life.

Well... not "explain," really.

Instead, the organization has released a number of new posters that feature two lovers in bed with a farm animal.

What do these have to do with the argument that eating large quantities of red meat can lead to inflammation... which can, conceivably, produce erectile dysfunction?

That's what social media users want to know.

Check out the strange posters below and then enjoy a hearty laugh over how the Internet has reacted to them...

1. Don't Have a Cow, People

Don't Have a Cow, People
Don't have one in bed, at least. Otherwise, you may not be able to perform in bed. This is the message PETA thinks it's sending with this poster.

2. Pig Out

Pig Out
There will be no pigging out on each other's private parts when you overdo it with red meat. Got it, people?!?

3. What Are You, Chicken?

What Are You, Chicken?
We'll start with the reaction to this third poster, because it's pretty fantastic. Keep scrolling...

4. How Do You Like Your Chicken?

How Do You Like Your Chicken?
Any way we can get it, these guys appear to be saying.

5. What Say You, Chicken?

What Say You, Chicken?
Oh. Well okay then.

6. Sorry, Egg

Sorry, Egg
Better luck next time.

7. This is Just Confusing

This is Just Confusing
Some messages fit nicely and logically into a tagline. This, PETA should realize, is not one of them.

8. I'm Also Confused

I'm Also Confused
I just have so many questions.

9. Sounds Like SOmeone Knows From Experience

Sounds Like SOmeone Knows From Experience
Kale ain't so great, either, okay?!?

10. My Meat Game is On Point!

My Meat Game is On Point!
Just saying. Seems relevant to mention here.

11. Now... THIS?

Now... THIS?
THIS is an example of meat interrupting one's sex life.

12. Yeah, About That Message?

Yeah, About That Message?
It may have been missed here.

13. Yes, There's More

Yes, There's More
Or, perhaps we should say, there's mooooo-re.

14. Yep, They're on Billboards, Too

Yep, They're on Billboards, Too
This photo was snapped in Dallas. At least it goes into further detail then the posters do, regarding the whole ED thing. But still: does PETA think someone is going to drive by this billboard, read it, understand it and stop eating meat?!?

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