Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial: Just Follow These Steps!

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Kim Kardashian is a very rich woman.

This has been true for a very long time, but recent reports allege that Kim made millions within minutes of her new beauty line hitting the market.

And she's intent on raking it even more, as the mother of two shared an Instagram video in June of 2017 that was meant to prove how easy it is to use her contour kit.

Taking followers through the step-by-step process, Kim needed mere minutes to complete her look, starting with a bare, natural face and concluding with... well, see for yourself below.

Will you be purchasing this product?

1. No Makeup Here!

No Makeup Here!
Kim started her Instagram live makeup tutorial the only way she could: by not wearing an ounce of makeup on her face.

2. ... And She's Off!

... And She's Off!
Kim used the contour collection from her Kim Kardashian Beauty line to give followers a step-by-step demonstration.

3. The Next Step

The Next Step
Kim kept her hair in braids and rocked a pretty casual look as she applied each the blush.

4. On to the Lips

On to the Lips
For her famous pout, Kim chose a light lip color, telling fans she was aiming for a summer fresh look.

5. A Medium Shade

A Medium Shade
Kim Kardashian Beauty offers a variety of shades, but Kim went with Medium for this tutorial.

6. Brushing Up

Brushing Up
In this photo from the video lesson, Kim uses a brush to add powder to her face.

7. Is This the Best Light?

Is This the Best Light?
Kim asked her followers what light they most frequently use on their filter for occasions such as this. She's almost done!

8. The Finished Product

The Finished Product
What do you think? Kim needed mere minutes to go from makeup free to this final product.

9. A Different Angle

A Different Angle
Kim reportedly made $14 million on the very first day her makeup line came out. Which is utterly insane.

10. Contour is NOT Scary

Contour is NOT Scary
This is the main message Kim told fans she was sending them after her tutorial was over.

11. Just Making Sure You're Paying Attention

Just Making Sure You're Paying Attention
LOL! Kardashian dropped this fun Snapchat video in toward the end of her helpful lesson.

12. No Blackface Here

No Blackface Here
Kim actually got in hot water for photos that promoted her beauty line, such as the one above. Some critics accused her of darkening her features to the point where they resembled blackface.

13. Another Kim Kardashian Beauty Picture

Another Kim Kardashian Beauty Picture
But Kim insisted this was unintentional and she was just going for an especially "tan" look instead. Either way, she really wants you to buy her product line.

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