PartyNextDoor: 8 Things to Know

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The rumor has seemingly become a reality: PartyNextDoor is totally dating Kylie Jenner!

The rapper with the weird name has been spotted out and about with the reality star on numerous occasions since she split from Tyga.

What does the public know about PartyNextDoor?

Not much. But here are a few key tidbits about the latest guy to get himself entangled in the web of Kardashians and Jenners...

1. His Real Name Is...

His Real Name Is...
... Jahron Brathwaite.

2. Where Did His Nickname Come From?

Where Did His Nickname Come From?
The artist chose his unusual stage name from seeing an FL Studio audio filter setting called "PartyNextDoor." He then decided to stylize it into all caps for his performing identity. Because of course he did, right?

3. Where is He From?

Where is He From?
PartyNextDoor is a native of Mississauga, Ontario, growing up just outside Toronto. However, he's of Caribbean descent because his mother is Jamaican and his father is Trinidadian.

4. A Connection to Drake

A Connection to Drake
Drake signed PartyNextDoor to his OVO records in 2013. He initially worked under the name Jahron B. as a singer/producer/writer and music mixer.

5. He's Also a Producer

He's Also a Producer
PartyNextDoor produced three hits off Drake's album, "If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late." Those songs were "Legend," Preach," and "Wednesday Night Interlude."

6. An Unexpected Background

An Unexpected Background
PartyNextDoor honed his vocal chops as part of his church choir as a child.

7. His Romantic Resume

His Romantic Resume
PartyNextDoor previous dated artist Kehlani, alleging sleeping with her even while she was dating basketball star Kyrie Irving.

8. His History with the Jenners

His History with the Jenners
In 2014, Kylie made a cameo with sister Kendall in the 2014 music video for PartyNextDoor's single "Recognize."

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