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A lot of people made serious mistakes on Season 7, Episode 10 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Unthinkably, Big Ed and Liz follow up their explosive breakup with yet another ill-conceived reconciliation.

Despite everything, Angela and Michael ended up boning the night before. But Angela accuses Mike of lying to her just to get into her pants. And … he admits it, sort of.

Libby and Andrei are still processing his green card status being in limbo. Then, they get exciting news.

Jenny is taking steps to become more independent, while Sumit’s return to work includes a discussion about the secret that he’s keeping from his wife.

Yara’s mom is really eager for her to remain in Prague for a while. She wants her to look at apartments. How will Jovi react?

Kimberly and Usman have a lot to work on. As Kimberly hopes for an apology from Usman, he’s hoping that his eldest brother can sway his mom. But a different brother shows up.