Nicole Nafziger: Stop Judging My Relationship With Azan! It's True Love!

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If there is one thing that 90 Day Fiance trolls love, it's to give Nicole Nafziger grief.

They have tried to shame her for "lying" about Azan.

They have mom-shamed her, body-shamed her, and tried new forms of trolling that don't have a shame-hyphen name yet.

Now, a new troll strolled into her comments with a new message.

This commenter says that there's no way that Nicole and Azan's relationship can work out -- that it's always been doomed.

Why? Because, they claim, Nicole is a bad person.

Nicole is shutting that down.

1. Nicole wants fans to PLEASE be nice

Nicole wants fans to PLEASE be nice
She is once again engaging with her fans. Some are being nice, but the most vocal ones are attacking her. Trolls like to give her grief over a number of topics, but they have one favorite topic in particular.

2. They HATE her relationship with Azan

They HATE her relationship with Azan
Naturally, that hate is in full swing after Nicole just spent five long months in Morocco after the COVID-19 pandemic turned what should have been a romantic two-week vacation into an extended stay. Oh, trolls gave her hell for not being with May (who was perfectly fine, safe with her grandmother) and some wild conspiracy theorists made up new rumors -- one was that Azan was secretly married with kids (to his cousin, no less) and the other that Nicole was not ever in Morocco, that she had faked it for some reason on Instagram.

3. She's back now, by the way

She's back now, by the way
She came in early in the second week of August, flying first to New York and then back home to Florida. She safely reunited with May, her precious six year old. They were in regular contact while Nicole was in Morocco, but seeing each other in person again was very welcome.

4. And that's not all!

And that's not all!
At basically the exact same time that Nicole was returning, her sister Taylor gave birth to her niece! And yes, Nicole was tested for COVID-19 and tested negative before she held the precious newborn.

5. Another family milestone

Another family milestone
May lost one of her front teeth! Nicole's announcement of this precious moment in her daughter's life was unfortunately marred as trolls took to the comments to give her a hard time.

6. Some were simply ignorant

Some were simply ignorant
Folks, Azan Tefou is a stage name that Hassan M'Raouni used for 90 Day Fiance. This has been fairly common knowledge in the 90 Day Fiance fandom for some time, now, since well before Nicole and Azan quit the show. If you didn't know before, well, now you do.

7. Obviously, trolls swarmed her

Obviously, trolls swarmed her
Nicole had to clarify that someone on 90 Day Fiance using a stage name is not "lying" any more than any other person appearing on television and then being discussed by that TV name is. Stage names are normal. To our recollection, the only "lie" of Nicole's was one about $6,000, and we have always chalked that up to the weird pressures of airing your family on reality TV.

8. May is having quite the August

May is having quite the August
Her mom came home, her aunt gave birth to a baby cousin, she lost one major tooth ... and then she lost another, Nicole announced this week. Unfortunately, trolls were crawling all over THOSE comments, too.

9. Once again ...

Once again ...
It's not just that Nicole trusts that the love of her life, her fiance, isn't secretly married (to his cousin!!) with kids, it's that she had to put together the paperwork to apply for his visa in the first place. She would have seen it in legal writing if he had a secret wife. He is not married and he has never been married, Nicole makes clear.

10. Then Nicole received this message.

Then Nicole received this message.
"Nicole," the commenter writes, "your relationship will never progress with Azan. See, [in] Islam, your zina relationship is haram, and he is a disgrace to [publicly] air it. Just to let you know how us Moroccans/Muslims think. The Moroccan culture thinks so badly of women like you. If it isn’t halal, it won’t last."

11. Okay, so what does that mean?

Okay, so what does that mean?
First up, halal simply means "permissible." The term relates to things as simple as which foods Muslims are permitted to eat, but also applies to other things like behavior and, yes, relationships.

12. Then there's haram

Then there's haram
Haram simply means "forbidden," but is often translated in the western world to mean "sin," framing it within the context of how Christianity would phrase it. In other words, these are things that are forbidden or proscribed by Islamic law. Eating pork is haram.

13. And "zina?"

And "zina?"
Zina, within the context of Islamic law, is essentially an unauthorized sexual relationship. This could mean a premarital or extramarital relationship -- the definition that you will find for "zina" can vary between countries and cultures. Notably, sexual relations between unmarried partners is outlawed in Morocco.

14. So, in other words

So, in other words
This commenter was telling Nicole that she and Azan can never make it work because their relationship will never be accepted within Moroccan society because it has started off on the wrong foot, with this extended engagement, and because Nicole has admitted to having been "intimate" with Azan.

15. Dress it up any way that you like ...

Dress it up any way that you like ...
This is straight up slut-shaming, even if Nicole is not by any stretch of the imagination promiscuous. Yes, the person is describing Moroccan culture, but we should note that slut-shaming is just as garbage when a Moroccan cites Islam to do it as when an American cites Christianity to do so.

16. Nicole clapped back

Nicole clapped back
To the commenter who basically called her a hussy, as if that were true OR a bad thing, she retorted: "Don’t judge me … as you would not like to be judged."

17. That's ... actually really polite

That's ... actually really polite
Nicole deals with so much vitriol day in and day out on social media, but she handles it so gently and with such grace that you'd think that it were a rare event.

18. We think we know where that comes from

We think we know where that comes from
We have seen Nicole's mother approach the most vicious trolls from a place of compassion during Nicole's lengthy absence. We see Nicole striking that same tone with her own commenters. It's better than these haters deserve.

19. It's okay for fans to have questions or concerns

It's okay for fans to have questions or concerns
Not everyone is onboard with Nicole and Azan's engagement, and that doesn't mean that everyone with doubts or worries is some sort of cantankerous troll. Azan did very clearly body-shame Nicole in early episodes of their story, though some of that may have been lost in translation. And this engagement has gone on for a while.

20. It's possible to root for Nicole without supporting the engagement

It's possible to root for Nicole without supporting the engagement
If you think that there's something "fishy" about Nicole's romance, just know that she's heard all of the questions and theories before. If you think that maybe, at this point, no amount of love could possibly be worth such a difficult long-term relationship, that's a fair way to feel. That's not the same as being a troll, or making your perspective NICOLE'S problem.

21. Trolls don't have nuanced opinions

Trolls don't have nuanced opinions
We have seen awful comments -- mom-shaming Nicole for getting stuck in Morocco during the pandemic. These same people would have mom-shamed Nicole if she'd brought May with her. They also would have mom-shamed her if she'd somehow managed to jet home immediately, taking the risk of flying during a global lockdown. She knows that she can't win with these people.

22. Instead, she focuses on the good

Instead, she focuses on the good
That means her precious daughter, her beloved family, her many supporters (yes, she gets plenty of nice comments, too), and yes, her love for Azan.

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