Nicole Nafziger Obliterates Claims She "Lies" About Azan!

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This week, Nicole Nafziger offered proof that Azan is not already married.

When they get married, she will be his first wife -- and his only wife.

But some 90 Day Fiance trolls aren't letting up.

Instead of spinning the same wild theories, they are trying a new approach.

Now they're just insisting that Nicole is a "liar" who "lies" about everything.

While we'd chalk the infamous $6,000 fib to reality TV shenanigans more than anything, they're not even talking about that.

They say that Nicole is lying about Azan on a fundamental level.

Take a look below to see her clapback over the rude name-calling.

1. Trolls never sleep

Trolls never sleep
Nicole Nafziger shared the CUTEST photo of May, showcasing where her precious daughter lost one of her front teeth. That's a major dental milestone for a 6-year-old girl, and we know that Nicole was happy to show it off.

2. Her caption was sweet

Her caption was sweet
It may not have been strictly relevant to the photo, but you know what, sometimes a missing tooth and a smiling mother and daughter can say more in a photo than any caption. We will note that the caption's tags ask people to be kind, always. Sadly, they did not listen.

3. Some of the replies were really sweet

Some of the replies were really sweet
While I'm not saying that I endorse or approve of teaching to literally believe in the Tooth Fairy (or Santa, or the Easter Bunny -- it gives them an incorrect impression of the realities of the world, and playing pretend is just as fun without the lie), it's always cute to hear about kids getting inventive, like hoping to "catch" the Tooth Fairy or otherwise get their money's worth.

4. Speaking of which

Speaking of which
Nicole reveals that it is a family tradition to reward lost teeth with a gold dollar. Gold dollars are fun gifts because you can get them easily from the bank and, well, they only cost literally one dollar. Some families struggle to buy presents for special occassions, but a gold dollar is usually pretty easy to come by since they are so cheap. Plus, to small children, they feel like treasure.

5. But naturally, the clown brigade spoke up

But naturally, the clown brigade spoke up
"All I want to know is who is Azan's wife?" asks one impertinent comment, either from someone who is grossly misinformed or simply viciously trolling. Another fan commented that it's just an absurd rumor before Nicole added: "He doesn't have one."

6. The trolling continued

The trolling continued
After a bit of back-and-forth in that same thread, Nicole had to spell it out -- she has documentation that Azan is not married. It's not just that it exists; she has seen it, so she doesn't even have to rely upon Azan's word. In contrast, the wild rumor that Azan is married -- to his cousin, and with children -- has zero evidence to support it. No photos, not documents, no statements from anyone close to him. Weird, right? Almost like someone made it up out of thin air.

7. How IS Azan?

How IS Azan?
Now this is a good question. Nicole shares that he's "good," but trying to get through the hard times with Morocco on lockdown. That is tough -- but always preferable to catching COVID-19.

8. And then another clown popped up

And then another clown popped up
Once again, Nicole has to emphasize that Azan "doesn't have a wife." She may want to consider blocking these obnoxious people. All that they want to do is hurt her feelings so that they can feel powerful and therefore better about their own lives.

9. And now for a silly question

And now for a silly question
Maybe it's not silly -- maybe we just know more about 90 Day Fiance than your average Instagram commenter -- but this person asked why she has "engaged to H" written if she is engaged to "Azan." In this commenter's defense, a magazine that we will generously not name made the mistake and assumed that Nicole and Azan were over because of this. But the rest of us know that Azan's real name is Hassan M'Raouni, and that he chose Azan Tefou as a stage name of sorts when she signed up for the show. He is not the only 90 Day Fiance star to do so.

10. Does this make Nicole a LIAR?

Does this make Nicole a LIAR?
Of course not. Using a stage name, as countless reality stars, actors, singers, and more have done over the years, is a perfectly valid thing to do. Some people are just determined to hate Nicole no matter what. It's sad -- for them and for Nicole.

11. Look

There are valid reasons to have concerns about Nicole and Azan! Sometimes, no amount of true love can make a relationship work. Sometimes, it's financial circumstances, or family issues, or straight-up incompatibility.

12. In their case ...

In their case ...
It's more about the long-term, long-distance nature of their relationship. With so many hurdles to jump before they can be together, some well-meaning fans genuinely think that they might both be happier if they moved on.

13. On top of that

On top of that
Some have real concerns about things that they saw years ago when their relationship was televised.

14. Was their relationship healthy at the time?

Was their relationship healthy at the time?
No. No one deserves to be demeaned over their body -- even by someone from a culture where this is not seen as cruel or even unthinkable as it is here (among people who aren't A-holes). But this was also years ago.

15. Obviously, things are good

Obviously, things are good
Not only did Nicole just fly out for a two-week romantic visit back in March, but she ended up staying for five months (thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic ... the timing could truly not have been worse, though she did make the best of it).

16. They had a great time together

They had a great time together
For those few days together before Morocco went on lockdown, Nicole and Azan went on dates, enjoying the cultural dishes of Morocco. Nicole is particularly fond of Moroccan tajine, of Moroccan tea, and of Azan.

17. Just look at them!

Just look at them!
They're cute together! Even if you think that they'd both be happier if they tried something easier, it's so easy to be happy for them and to root for them.

18. But ...

But ...
We have to remember that some of the motives behind Nicole's trolls aren't just wishing that she'd make different choices. People accuse her of being delusional because of the size and shape of her body, insisting that Azan must be leeching money off of her to continue the relationship. Wild rumors, like this fictitious marriage, further this narrative. Others resent the idea of Azan, a brown-skinned Muslim man, being with a white American woman. Bigotry is everywhere.

19. And some people just love to hate

And some people just love to hate
Even though May was perfectly safe with her grandmother and in regular contact with her mom, there was a lot of brutal mom-shaming this year over Nicole's extended trip to Morocco. Not even returning home changed that.

20. But now they're together

But now they're together
Nicole tested negative for COVID-19, which is wonderful news, and she is back with her precious daughter.

21. AND!!!

She got to meet her adorable newborn niece, welcomed into the world at about the same time that she returned home, born to her sister Taylor. So precious!!

22. Nicole gets so much hate

Nicole gets so much hate
Even if you don't approve of Nicole's life choices or still feel bitter because she lied, years ago, about $6,000 and an imaginary store, we are so curious about why anyone would want to bother her in the comments about it ... unless, as we said earlier, they get a thrill from calling her a "liar" or "delusional" and ruining her day makes them feel better about their own miserable lives. Ugh.

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